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Social Media

Instagram will start testing so that users can monetize by sharing NFT's in their accounts

The pilot program will start this week in the United States and could soon be expanded to other platforms such as Facebook.

Business News

John Deere Remotely Disables Tractors Stolen in Ukraine by Russian Troops

Grain and cereal theft by Russian troops has become a common practice. Now they also took tractors and machinery that cannot be used.

Business News

WhatsApp expands the number of people you can add to a group

They will no longer be 256, but 512. The big question, will they be enough?

Business News

A Donald Trump government official assures that the former president wanted to launch missiles against Mexico

Mark Esper, who was Secretary of Defense, presents his book on Tuesday with this and other confessions.

Health & Wellness

The great little lesson of Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez and the English language

Although he knows that he does not speak it perfectly, the boxer gives interviews in English and this is what he commented on it.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Gucci announces that it will now accept payments in cryptocurrency

The brand will begin operating a pilot program to accept ten different digital currencies later this month in the United States.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Starbucks hints at the near future: it will launch exclusive collections of NFT's to create a global digital community

Aware that life is expanding to digital spaces and that the so-called "third space" is no longer just physical, the company proposes the creation of exclusive collections of NFT's to encourage the creation of communities around the brand.

Thought Leaders

Women's Champion Award 2022: 6 women who inspire in the digital world

Women's Champion is a recognition of women who work in and around digital-based businesses and manage to empower other women.

Business News

The Vatican prepares a gallery in the metaverse with NFT's

The virtual exhibition will allow users to immersively enjoy the vast art collection of the world's smallest independent sovereign state.

Business News

There is a new Guinness World Record: This man has worked more than 84 years for the same company!

The Brazilian began working in January 1938 and continues to do so in the same company to this day.

Business News

Today is May 5. Do you know why we celebrate it?

It is a date to celebrate the pride of being Mexican that has spread throughout all the cities of the United States. Do you know its origin and the reason why we celebrate it?

Business News

TikTok launches Pulse, the program to share advertising revenue with content creators for the first time

The tool will guarantee brands that their ads appear in the most relevant content in twelve different categories.

Thought Leaders

The Rock was in Mexico to inaugurate his second tequila distillery

Actor Dwayne Johnson visited the region where the Teremana tequila that he successfully launched a couple of years ago is produced.

Business News

NPR and LAist Studios Launch Program to Support Latino Podcast and Listening Content Creators

If you are Latino, live in the United States and you like podcasts and audio production, this will interest you.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Elon Musk Changes His Avatar To The Image Of An NFT From The Bored Ape Yacht Club Collection

The owner's Twitter account woke up with a new profile image: it is a collage of apes from the most famous NFT collection ever created. As expected, questions abound.