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Tattoo Removal Studio Will Remove Kanye West Tats for Free

London-based Naama Tattoo is offering the service as part of its "second chances" program.

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Twitter's 'War' With Apple Ends after Elon Musk Meets With Tim Cook

Musk tweeted that Cook "never considered" removing Twitter's iOS app from its store.

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Elon Musk Hopes to Place Neuralink's Implant Computer in a Human Brain in Six Months

Musk says that "probably in about six months, we should be able to upload Neuralink in a human."

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For $3.05 Million You Can Buy the Luxury Apartment Marilyn Monroe Shared With Arthur Miller

The price of the historic address has gone down from $3.75 million.

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Ticketmaster Apologizes to Taylor Swift Over Sales Disaster

"First, we want to apologize to Taylor and all of her fans – especially those who had a terrible experience trying to purchase tickets."

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Elon Musk's Ultimatum to Twitter Employees Results in 1,200 Resignations

Teams crucial to the social media giant's infrastructure have been dramatically reduced.

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Twitter Locks Its Office and Suspends Badge Access

Preliminary reports indicate new owner Elon Musk is concerned employees may sabotage the site.

Science & Technology

How AI Can Prevent Problematic Gambling in the Mobile Betting World

As mobile sports betting and iGaming become more popular, the companies behind them are finding new ways to increase player safety.

News and Trends

How This Digital Fintech Company Curated India's 1st Double QR Code

'Digital Banking' is not just a buzzword but a modern-day reality resulting from this technological advancement

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Weird but True: Complete a Puzzle for Your Chance at One Million Dollars

This puzzle is doling out $2 million in prizes.

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Listen to the News of the World on This $25 Shortwave Radio

In a global business world, it's important to stay tuned into international news.

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Lin Manuel Miranda was chosen to compose the music for Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee and we celebrate it with some of his most inspiring phrases

The composer of Latin origin worked alongside the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber in the composition of a show that will be presented this Sunday.

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College student confesses on TikTok that she did not leave a tip and her video goes viral

Considering not having received any service, the young woman refused to give a tip and later confessed it on her TikTok account.

Health & Wellness

Bill Gates announces that he has COVID-19

The businessman, an active promoter of vaccination, uploaded a message on Twitter to notify that he is sick.