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Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Elon Musk Changes His Avatar To The Image Of An NFT From The Bored Ape Yacht Club Collection

The owner's Twitter account woke up with a new profile image: it is a collage of apes from the most famous NFT collection ever created. As expected, questions abound.

Business News

The man who married a hologram in Japan can no longer communicate with his virtual wife

The software that allowed the interaction is no longer supported and the man can no longer interact with the hologram with which he had a relationship for years.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

AxenCoin, the new Mexican cryptocurrency

In addition to serving as an investment instrument, cryptocurrency will make it possible to pay for goods and services in the near future.


Cereal with orange juice? This is how Tropicana will celebrate International Orange Juice Day

Tropicana Crunch is an almond and honey cereal designed to be eaten with orange juice, a combination that has been tried by more than 15 million people in the United States.

Business News

The new airport in Mexico City (AIFA) will have more flights by decree

The number of operations per hour at the old airport will be reduced to solve a congestion problem that has existed for years.

Business News

Mambacita Sweet 16, the sneakers that commemorate Gigi Bryant, sell out in two minutes

Kobe Bryant's daughter passed away with him in the tragic accident in January 2020. Her mother Vanessa Bryant presented the sneakers that celebrate her life.

Social Media

He's back! Donald Trump uploads his first post to his new social network

You have already developed your social network. It is called Truth Social and the former president is already using it.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Wikipedia will stop accepting donations in cryptocurrency at the request of users

After months of discussion, the platform makes the decision to no longer accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Here we explain their reasons.

Business News

A huge wooden skyscraper is being built in Switzerland

It bears the name of Rocket&Tigeli and will be a 100-meter building built with reinforced wood.

Business News

Victoria's Secret launches store for its beauty products on Amazon

The iconic brand, which previously only sold directly through its stores or e-commerce platform, is exploring new options to reach its potential consumers.

Business News

This tiktoker asks people on the street how much they earn and is becoming a sensation

The questions are part of a project that seeks to raise awareness around the pay gap.

Business News

The billionaire who drove his Bugatti Veyron at more than 257 mph in Germany will not be sanctioned

He achieved the feat driving at dawn on a section of the motorway that runs from Hannover to Berlin.

Business News

Johnson & Johnson will train Mexican students and doctors in the metaverse

The company launches an Innovation Room with state-of-the-art technology that demonstrates the academic use that can be given to immersive viewers that serve to access the metaverse.

Business News

#Rompiendo, TikTok's strategy to promote artists of Latin origin

Every 15 days, the program will present a successful Latin artist who is 'breaking'' it with his music on the platform.

Business News

Twitch plans to cut subscription revenue by 50% and content creators aren't happy

In addition, the platform is looking for ways to incentivize streamers to display more advertising on their streams.