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The transition from NFTs to the world of the metaverse

Only in the case of non-fungible tokens or NTFs, the market has closed the year 2021 with more than $22,000 million dollars in sales and everything indicates that this industry will continue to expand unstoppably in 2022.

Business News

Reinhold Messner: when misfortune changes your footing

The story of Reinhold Messner, the living legend of mountaineering, inspires us to keep going, to never give up.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

New to cryptocurrencies? The Mexican platform Bitso can help you

Bitso a digital exchange platform that allows its users to buy and sell digital currencies with each other. That is, a supply and demand system that takes you by the hand.

Business News

The perfect plan Urs Fischer arrives in Mexico City with his art exhibition: Lovers

The plastic artist arrives at the Jumex Museum in Mexico City to present his art, in a wide range of works in which he expresses his vision of love.

Buying / Investing in Business

Flink Mexico: the platform that allows you to invest from $30 pesos in the stock market

Flink is a proposal within the financial market that offers you a debit account, like any bank with the difference that you can save and invest in shares of the financial market.

Business News

Santiago de Chile announces a program to ration water in the midst of drought

The capital of the Andean country will try to face an extreme situation by implementing a plan with four alert stages.

Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Horizon Worlds, Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse, will allow creators to sell digital goods and experiences in their worlds

Meta has announced the launch of a program to encourage content creators on its immersive augmented reality platform.

Social Media

TikTok ad revenue in 2022 will exceed that of Twitter and Snapchat combined

The Chinese social network continues to grow by leaps and bounds and will exceed $11 billion dollars this year.

Business News

Waymo's self-driving car is ready for commercial service in San Francisco

After more than a decade of development, testing and simulation, the company is ready to offer you a self-driving car that can take you to your workplace.

Social Media

Angry Russian Influencers Destroy Chanel Bags After Brand Restrictions

The company announced that it will stop selling its products to Russian citizens who intend to bring them to their country. The move unleashed fury.

Business News

Did an autonomous vehicle try to flee from the police after being stopped?

The incident took place on the streets of San Francisco where autonomous vehicles have been circulating for months in test mode.

Business News

Pink Floyd presents a new song using the voice of a singer who is fighting in Ukraine

He is Andriy Khlynuyk, vocalist of the band BoomBox, who sang a nationalist song before leaving for the front.

Business News

Nissan seeks to create the battery that could change electric cars forever

The Japanese automaker will open a plant to create the prototype of a solid-state battery that will significantly impact the cost of electric cars.

Social Media

Seeking to protect its users from cyberbullying, Twitter is experimenting with a feature to remove tags from mentions

The feature is known as "Unmentioning" and will allow users to remove allusions made to them from other accounts.

Business News

The second stage of ticket sales for the Qatar 2022 World Cup begins and this is what they cost

Once the groups of the contest have been defined, the second stage of ticket sales begins through a lottery system.