NPR and LAist Studios Launch Program to Support Latino Podcast and Listening Content Creators If you are Latino, live in the United States and you like podcasts and audio production, this will interest you.

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NPR (National Public Radio) and LAist Studios announced this morning the creation of an accelerator to support creators of content in audio formats of Latin origin. Named after Oye: The Lab for Latinxs Creators and has the objective of seeking and finding creative talent to develop and promote it.

Through a statement , Yolanda Sangweni, senior director of programming at NPR, explained that the alliance "will allow them to elevate Latino voices by providing resources and offering training to creators who are just starting out in their careers." Through distance workshops lasting six weeks, the selected talent will work on developing new programming ideas focused on the experience of being Latino in the United States. Participants will learn how to develop and present a pilot program, and will also receive financial support to cover the work and time dedicated to the project. The ideas will be presented to a small audience and some could be considered to be developed and transformed into real programs.

"Good ideas need space and tools to make them happen, that's exactly what Hey is here for... it's the perfect place to go from project to launch, with the full support of the best professionals in audio storytelling," he said. Antonia Ceredizo, Executive Producer at LAist Studios.

You can apply to the program by following this link .

NPR is a non-profit media organization that seeks to create a more informed public. LAist Studios is a Los Angeles-based podcast production house that exists to tell the world the stories of Los Angeles.
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