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Gen Z Favors Family Financial Wisdom

A recent study by Morning Brew and Generation Lab has discovered that the majority of Generation Z, currently enrolled in college, rely on their parents or family members for financial...


Why Is Your Competitor Getting News Coverage When You're Better Than Them? Here are 6 Ways to Outcompete Your Competitor for News Coverage

Here is what you can do to get your own name out there in the media, get a leg up on the competition and regain or maintain sure footing in your industry.


The Great Post-Covid Recession Was Never Real — It's All Media Hype. Here's Why.

For months, we heard the buzz about an impending recession. But a few weeks ago, the references to a looming economic disaster suddenly stopped. Why is everyone so quiet?

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UK to Invest up to €59 Billion in Tech Startups

'We want to be the world's next Silicon Valley and a science superpower, embracing new technologies like AI in a way that brings together the skills of our financiers, entrepreneurs and scientists to make our country a force for good in the world.'

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Two Billionaires Among the Missing on Tourist Submarine Exploring the Titanic

Hamish Harding and Shahzada Dawood were aboard a vessel that lost contact an hour and 45 minutes into its dive towards the Titanic wreck.

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What Does the Banking Crisis Mean for Startups and Small Business Owners?

Author, CPA and business owner Gene Marks break down everything entrepreneurs need to know about the impact of the SVB collapse.

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A Girl Scout Mom and Lawyer Was Denied Entry to Rockettes Show After Being Recognized By Facial Recognition Tech

Reps for Radio City Music Hall's parent company, MSG Entertainment, said the attorney was prevented from seeing the show due to an existing rule that bars lawyers in active litigation with the company from attending events at MSG venues.

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Racial Discrimination Lawsuit by Former McDonald's Security Exec Alleges CEO Barred Him from Corporate Jet

Michael Peaster claims he was fired for publicly criticizing CEO Chris Kempczinski over a controversial text.

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James Cameron Wants to End Debate Over Jack's Death in 'Titanic'

The iconic death scene near the end of Cameron's disaster epic has sparked debate for 25 years.

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Federal Authorities: Bishop Embezzled Churchgoer's Retirement Savings for Luxury Purchases

Bishop Lamor Whitehead has been arrested and charged with extortion and fraud.

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Elon Musk Seeking Investors to Buy Twitter Shares at the Same Price He Paid

New Twitter shares will go for $54.20, the price Musk paid to purchase the social media giant.

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Investigation Reveals Child Labor in Hyundai-Kia Alabama Supply Chain

Reports suggest child labor is present throughout Hyundai's and Kia's entire U.S. supply chain.

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Airbnb Announces Ban on Renting Out Houses Where Enslaved People Lived

The change follows criticism over a listing for a "slave cabin" that went viral last summer.

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Journalists Who Report on Elon Musk Suspended From Twitter Without Explanation

Reporters from various press outlets found themselves — in some cases permanently — locked out of the social media site Thursday.

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Cruise Ship Passenger Found Dead off Florida Coast After Falling Overboard

MSC Meraviglia quickly launched rescue operations with the Coast Guard, to no avail.