Ikea will rent a mini apartment in Japan for less than $ 1 a month

The 10 square meter apartment has been furnished and decorated by Ikea to maximize space.

Hundreds of FedEx packages found dumped in ravine

The shipping company does not know how they went to deliver the packages to that place, but they continue to review the situation to understand what happened.

Bitcoin falls 9.2% as coronavirus destabilizes the market

News of the new variant of COVID-19 has made investors consider letting go of their high-risk assets.

See these Black Friday 2021 offers that will surely interest you

On this Black Friday you can find a variety of items with discounts from 10% to 75%

Inflation in the US? Dollar Tree to raise prices to $ 1.25 for the first time in 35 years

The Chesapeake, Virginia-based chain - which operates similarly to the Prichos brand in Mexico - was one of the last remaining "dollar stores."

Attention! Slim Foundation will give free auto mechanic courses

If you want to start your own business, the course will teach you the operation and the parts that make up a car to make a diagnosis, give maintenance and repair it.

Alto Nivel

There is already a physical Shein store in Oaxaca ... or something like that

Thanks to a video on TikTok, millions of Internet users found out about the presence of this "fashion location".

Growth Nights presents the challenges of initiating and scaling CX in startups

In this edition, it will be attended by Federico Ardoino, Ualá's Operations and User Experience Manager.

If you have 'An idea to change history' you can earn up to 250 thousand pesos in this initiative of History Channel

If you have a project to improve the world through technology and innovation, History Channel can reward your creativity. See how to sign up for the 'An idea to change history' initiative.

Tec de Monterrey presents Faculty of Excellence, an initiative that will add more global impact professors to its faculty

The first teachers to join Tec through this initiative are: Raj Sisodia, Per-Olof Berggren and Marc Madou.

The 4 components of successful partnerships

Having a shared vision is critical to success.