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Tech Overload Will Destroy Your Customer Relationships. Are You Guilty of Using Too Much Tech?

Technology's value in our world is undeniable. However, there can be a point where it is ineffective and possibly counterproductive. See where it can negatively impact your product, brand, and business.

Growing a Business

Don't Play Catch-up With Your Competition — Use These 3 Essential Technologies to Power Up Your Small Business

Here are three technologies for you to embrace in your business for faster growth and higher success.


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Keep the Office Cool This Summer with $10 Off a Klima Thermostat

The Klima Smart Thermostat can turn your existing mini split, heat pump, or AC into a smart unit.


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Add a Digital Art Gallery to Your Office for $33

Dreamscreens is a USB plug-in that can play a rotating selection of famous artworks on your TV while it sits otherwise unused.

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Get Microsoft Office for Just $30

Equipped with 2019 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, it's great for any business in need of office support.

Growing a Business

5 AI Hacks You Need to Know About in 2024

Despite its vast potential, the key to leveraging AI effectively lies in balancing automation with human oversight to avoid pitfalls and ensure that creativity and decision-making remain human-driven.


Save $35 on This Innovative Tool to Declutter Your Workspace

Maximize your desk with this laptop stand.

Science & Technology

Free Book Preview | The Wolf Is at the Door: How to Survive and Thrive in an AI-Driven World

Discover ten threats and ten rules for thriving in this new era with our new book.


Turn Your TV into a 4K Digital Art Gallery for Just $33

This Dreamscreens digital art gallery is on sale now through January 21.

Business Ideas

Tech-Savvy or Not, Here's Why Businesses Must Embrace Automation Now

AI is the servant — not the master — when it comes to future-proofing small and medium-sized businesses against inevitable change.

Science & Technology

Cyber Attacks Are On the Rise — Here's How Your Business Can Continuously Prepare for Threats

In an era marked by escalating cyber threats and increasing cost of data breaches, the traditional castle-and-moat cybersecurity approach falls short.