Office Tech

Managing Remote Teams

Getting the Most From Your Remote Workforce

How to maximize productivity from your employees, whether they're working in the office with you, from the comfort of their home office, or in a coffee shop hundred of miles away.

Who Is Keeping You Addicted to Technology?

There are four parties conspiring to keep you connected and they may not be whom you'd expect.

If You're Going to Sit at Work, Make Sure You're Doing It Right (Infographic)

While it has become popular to call sitting the new smoking, standing all day is not without its health risks. Here's how you can make sure that when you are sitting, you are sitting ergonomically.
Productivity Tools

6 Tools For Entrepreneurs Who Need to Get More Done

Entrepreneurs are busy people. Tackle your never-ending to-do list with these six productivity tools.

Study: Single-Cup Coffee Makers Brew Lots of Germs, Too

Wake up and smell the bacteria. Read on to learn how to clean your office's communal machine.

4 Technology Solutions Every Growing Business Needs to Consider

Tech tools make it easy to talk with your team and customers. How well you communicate is still up to you.
Business Moving Forward

Look Out, USB Chargers. Your Days Are Numbered.

Just as Wi-Fi killed Ethernet cables, wireless charging is poised to change everything -- from smartphones to real estate.
Office Tech

Technology You Bought But Won't Learn to Use Is Money Wasted

Remarkably few businesses invest the time, much less money, to maximize software they own but don't really understand.

Microsoft Just Added New Perks to Get Businesses to Buy Its Surface Laptops, Tablets

The new service and support features are intended to win customers away from Apple.
Communication Strategies

Use Technology to Foster Collaboration in Your Office

Integrate new, easy-to-use tools into traditional methods of effective business communication.

Why the iPad Pro Could Prove a Tough Sell for Businesses

Analysts say Apple faces significant hurdles in getting companies to scoop up its latest device.

Samsung Unveils a Keyboard Cover for Its Latest Phones

The $80 keyboard cover will give you both a case and a hardware keyboard for those times when you need to punch out long messages.

4 Entrepreneurs Trying to Bring Cloud Computing to Tech-Leery Law Firms

Lawyers have been the most reluctant of professions to embrace the cloud but these innovators are changing minds.

You're Not IT, So Stop Pretending to Be

When your company has grown and technology is beyond your means, it's time to get help. Here are three signs.
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