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3 Horrible Press Release Habits to Break

Your professors bear some blame; they lauded florid writing and set minimum lengths for papers. Here are a few salient points for crafting tighter releases.


4 Ways to Get Publicity on a Budget

Having a media presence can do wonders for your company, and it doesn't require you to spend a fortune on a PR team.

Operations & Logistics

5 Tools to Fuel Your Company's PR Machine

Mobile and web innovations can make managing public relations in the digital age faster and easier.


Motorola's Moto E 'Press Conference' Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen

When coming up with your own marketing and press materials, remember to be creative while also keeping your audience in mind.


The 10 Things You Must Do When Distributing Your Press Release

In today's world, it's not enough to simply post a few words about your company's latest news and take the rest of the week off.


4 Requirements for Self-Serve Media Relations

Trying to generate attention for your company among reporters? It's not as easy as writing a pitch and pressing send.


10 Ways for Startups to Score Media Coverage

How do you stand out and obtain attention for your startup from the strongest outlets?

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11 Ways to Keep Your Press Releases From Being Ignored

What can you do to increase the likelihood that your release will grab a reporter's attention? In brief, don't give the reporter reasons not to read it.

Growing a Business

3 Steps to Getting Good Press

An expert in PR offers his best advice for attracting media attention.


Why Every Startup Needs a Press Kit

Press kits eliminate as much of the effort that would otherwise go into journalism as possible. Here is how to ensure your kit is top-notch.

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The Times When Press Releases Get the Most Views (Infographic)

Research of 50,000 press releases by found that the best time to send a press release may be the weekend, among other tidbits.


How to Be Your Own PR Machine

Here are seven tips to increase brand awareness and press reach


Do It Yourself Media Relations: The 2 Things You Must Get Right

Gain clarity about your message and the audience before you launch your own PR campaign.


4 Ways to Market Your Business for Free

There are a handful of marketing practices available to entrepreneurs that don't require them to burn through valuable resources.

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How to Avoid Journalists' 5 Worst Pitching Peeves

PR pros and entrepreneurs will have much better luck seeing their stories in print if they avoid these common -- and annoying -- missteps.