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Harness This Effective Public Relations Practice for A Better Online Presence

Your business may be caught up in new marketing, but effective marketing comes by connecting directly to journalists and your audience


4 Reasons Press Releases Remain a Valuable Marketing Tool

Underutilized yet so effective, the press release is still a powerful asset for any business. These tips and tricks for creating an impactful press release will hit home with journalists and dream prospects.

Growing a Business

8 Reputation Management Dos & Dont's When Trying to Recover From an SEC Press Release

Here are some reputation management tips to facilitate a speedy recovery in the wake of an SEC press release.


Why You Should Use AI to Write Your Business's Press Material

An AI-generated press release is a great way to get information about your company out there. Here's why.

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How to Get Your Business Better PR

Growing a business takes more than marketing and ads.

Social Media

Decentralized PR: How Twitter Becomes the Tech Newsroom

Still sending that press release? In 2022 you might want to reconsider.

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How to Use Different Social-Media Platforms to Build Press Relationships

Here's how to make the critical press connections that help your company get featured.


Dear Startups, Please Don't Do This to Journalists

A step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs on how to become more media-friendly and interact efficiently with the press.

Science & Technology

How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations

Yes, robots could be used to write press releases, but this isn't the future of the industry.

Thought Leaders

Dear Brit: 'How Do I Get Press Coverage for My Business?'

In her monthly column for 'Entrepreneur,' Brit Morin answers reader questions about how to get press coverage, and how to get comfortable being in the spotlight as an entrepreneur.


3 Initial Steps to Doing Your Own PR and Getting Excellent Results

Make sure you're giving the media what they can use, namely, what's of interest to their readers.


How to Write a Press Release Reporters Will Actually Read

For businesses of any size or maturity, a well-written press release remains one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to successfully generate positive media coverage for a company.


Avoid These 10 Things That Annoy Journalists to Help Get the Press Coverage You Want

This article guides the reader through ten things journalists find frustrating and how to avoid them which will increase their chances of gaining the press coverage they wish for.


3 Strategies to Land Big Press If You Are Not a Purple Cow

In today's media world, no brands are unfit for coverage.

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How This Online School Is Turning Small-Business Owners Into Public-Relation Pros

The founder of Press for Success shares her tips and tricks for small-business owners looking to manage their own public relations.