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How to Transform Media Coverage Into Leads and Sales

There is so much more we can do today with media mentions in order to maximize market exposure, authority and profitability.

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What Van Halen Can Teach You About Public Relations

How the band that changed rock and roll forever will help "jump" start your next PR campaign.

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4 Simple Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have a Public Relations Strategy

Most SMEs underestimate and underutilize the potential of public relations.

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How to Win PR and Media Coverage With Unique Original Data

The competition for online attention is growing by the second. Here's how to make sure your business or brand stands out.


Publicist Reveals Shocking Bad Behavior From Clients and How to Form a Relationship That Works

Could your tone with a publicist be hurting your PR outreach? Here's what publicists won't tell you the next time you treat them as a paid minion.

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When Going Code Red on a Competitor Becomes Necessary

The Hollywood classic 'A Few Good Men' told the story of a Code Red situation in the military. However, going Code Red in PR is sometimes a necessity.

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Should You Hire Your Own Publicist? How to Stay Relevant in an Ever-Changing Business Landscape.

The founder and president of Krupp Group shares her public relations tips to help brands stay relevant.


Why PR Might Be the Wrong Solution for Your Business

Many businesses think PR is a surefire marketing solution. But is it right for your business?

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Pay Attention to This to Make Your PR More Effective Than Ever Before

Public relations drives traffic to your business's site, but how can you make sure you're putting your best foot forward?

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How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations

Yes, robots could be used to write press releases, but this isn't the future of the industry.


Out-of-the-Box Publicity Strategies That Generate Buzzworthy News

These unique and creative ways get the right kind of media exposure.


The Best Ways for New Business Owners to Get Free Publicity

Seven easy ways to promote your business for free.

Growing a Business

Is Your Brand Ready for Public Relations and Press?

A well-strategized PR campaign can boost your business, but you need to know if you're ready for it, and you need to be prepared to be part of the process.


How to Achieve the Best Possible Results With Your PR Firm

PR can be an incredibly powerful channel for startups, yet they often cause frustrations and few results.