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3 Ways Direct-to-Consumer Brands Can Leverage Media Coverage

How to make your DTC PR dollars go further, decrease conversion friction and keep customers loyal.


8 Key Performance Indicators for PR -- What Really Matters?

There's no gold standard for tracking and measuring PR success, but these KPIs can paint a clearer picture of a campaign's results.

Growing a Business

5 Overlooked Business Outcomes of PR for Fast-Growing Companies

Every company, no matter the size, can learn from the globe's largest brands that view PR holistically.

Growing a Business

Feeding Your Ego Won't Help Your Business Grow

That pay-to-play press release in the classified section might feel good to see, but it won't build your business.

Social Media

The #VetDayPledge: A Simple, No-Cost PR Opportunity for Any Business

The #VetDayPledge unites Americans around the simple message of thanking our veterans for their service.


A Google Exec Declared Guest Blogging 'Dead' in 2014, But Here's How to Make It Pay Dividends in 2022 and Beyond

Contrary to popular opinion, guest blogging isn't dead -- as long as you use these eight strategies to maximize your brand's results.

Growing a Business

How PR Can Attract Investors and Add Value to Your Startup

If you're looking to get your startup funded, here's how to use PR to attract investors.

Science & Technology

Harness the Power of New Public Relations Technology

Technology is here to help. Embrace it and watch your client list grow.


PR Pitches Getting Lost in the Abyss? This Storytelling Advice Will Help the Right People Find Them.

Advice from a PR pro on how to use storytelling across multiple dimensions to get to where you really want to go.

Science & Technology

How Technology Has Changed Business Communication

Technology has forever changed the business communication landscape.


5 Ways Nonprofits Can Elevate Their PR Game

Here are five PR tips for nonprofits to think like a for-profit to improve their public awareness and grow community support for their missions.

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4 Magic Spells for Instant PR Results

Looking to get earned media coverage for your company? A public-relations wizard shares the secret spells and charms that can zap some sizzle into a PR campaign.

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How to Use Different Social-Media Platforms to Build Press Relationships

Here's how to make the critical press connections that help your company get featured.


5 Very Specific Ways to Get Noticed By Top Design Magazines

Know exactly how to stand out in an editor's inbox, regardless of the design trends.