Public Relations


5 Questions to Ask a PR Pro Before Hiring Them

You probably haven't considered asking these questions, but they're a great way to find the right PR firm for your business.


5 Key Tips to Restore Your Reputation After a PR Crisis

A PR crisis is always negative, but by using these five tips, the damage can be limited.


How to Stop Your CEO's Reputation From Damaging Your Business

Amidst company leaders going viral for callous and unsympathetic communication, here's how to make sure your CEO's reputation is helping, not hindering, your company.


After Her Brother's Death in Iraq Became News, a PR Strategist Learned Firsthand Why the Way We Tell Stories Matters — and It Changed Her Career

Ami Neiberger, a communications strategist and media-relations expert for more than 20 years, says there's a "fine line to walk" when it comes to sharing our most vulnerable moments.


Why Combining Public Relations and SEO Will Propel Your Business in Today's Digital Landscape

Integrating the results of keyword research with PR pitches to journalists, social media posts and other content all supports SEO rankings.


How Modern PR Differs From Traditional PR — and Why It's a Crucial Part of Any Successful Business Strategy

In this article, we'll explore what modern public relations means, how it differs from traditional PR, and the role it plays in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Growing a Business

How You Can Help Your Public Relations Provider Help You

A successful public relations effort requires input and engagement from both the PR provider AND the client. Here are seven ways a client can help their public relations provider help them.


5 Secrets Your PR Team Won't Tell You

Making a brand a household name requires unwavering commitment. Does your PR team have fervor and devotion?

Business Ideas

How to Make a Side Income as a Public Speaker

Even if you never imagined yourself as a public speaker, it could be an amazing money-making opportunity for you.


The A-La-Carte Approach to Public Relations Is a Game Changer for the Industry

The a-la-carte PR revolution allows established or up-and-coming firms to capitalize on their relationships with media outlets to provide guaranteed publications and transparency with clients.

Side Hustle

Looking for a Game-Changing Way to Showcase Your Expertise? Why a Book Is the 'World's Best Business Card'

Publishing a book, not an Instagram post, is the ultimate way to stand out and boost your credibility in a crowded marketplace.

Growing a Business

Mastering Public Relations — A Comprehensive Guide to Boosting Your Brand's Reputation

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you develop a strong PR strategy and boost your brand's reputation.


What You Need to Know About Doing Your Own PR vs. Handing Over the Reins

A strong public relations strategy can be what sets you apart from your competitors, but you need the right team of PR professionals to create and execute your campaigns.


How to Turn a Crisis into an Opportunity by Managing Negative Publicity

Managing a public relations crisis isn't easy. But a good response plan can make the process a whole lot easier, both on your image and your bottom line.


From Customers to Investors to Employees, Here's How to Connect With Every Company Stakeholder

Public relations can help businesses achieve their goals and thrive in today's competitive business environment. Here are a few PR strategies to consider for every type of stakeholder in your company.