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What to Expect From the Post-Pandemic Real-Estate Market

With rising housing prices, investors are left wondering whether now is still a good time to buy.

Amanda Moore

How to Protect Your Profits From Inflation During a Global Crisis

Inflation is coming to devalue your corporate treasury. Here's how to protect it.

Samuel Leeds

5 Tips for Millennial Home Buyers

Here's how to make your own exciting, life-changing purchase.

Richard Maize

What is land use and how to take advantage of it

If you want to open a business, know the value of your property or build the home of your dreams, it will be useful to know this.

Direct Real-Estate Investing or REITs: Which Should You Choose?

Before you decide, learn the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Richard Maize

3 Ways to Get Started in Property Without a Lot of Money

Even if you're low on funds, you can get into property. Here's how.

Samuel Leeds

Fovissste and Scotiabank sign alliance to provide mortgage loans

Financing will have a fixed rate of 7.5% and a maximum CAT of 9.2 percent.

4 Reasons Why Building a Real Estate Team Is Necessary for Survival In Today's Economy

While flying solo may seem appealing, there's more to gain by putting together a strong team in the real estate world.

Tracy Cousineau

Elon Musk lives in this rented 'mini home' after selling all his mansions

Since last year, Elon Musk has promised to sell all of his properties, including six of his mansions. Now the world's third-richest man lives in a 37-square-meter 'mini home' in Texas.

Alto Nivel

3 Things You Need to Know Before Investing in U.K. Property

Buying real estate in the U.K. can be confusing. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Samuel Leeds

5 Mistakes Franchisees Make When Looking for Business Real Estate

Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your next real-estate decision is the right one.

Michael Ligon

Creative Financing Strategies for Real-Estate Investments

There are quite a few ways to think outside of the box when it comes to funding your real-estate deals.

Michael Ligon