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OpenAI's New Deal Sees the ChatGPT Trailblazer Following a Competitor's Lead

OpenAI is treading on Google's AI-training territory following its new deal with Reddit.

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Site Traffic Down? Here Are the Big AI Changes Google Made to Its Search Tool

Google's search changes have revenue-impacting implications for many websites.

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Here's Why Reddit Turned Down an Acquisition Offer From Google in Its Early Days, According to Cofounder Alexis Ohanian

Ohanian and his Reddit co-founder, Steve Huffman, were recent college graduates at the time of the offer.

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Reddit Traffic Nearly Triples in 8 Months, Posts Rise to the Top of Google Search

Reddit posts are now as visible in Google Search as Instagram results.

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Reddit Debuts on New York Stock Exchange, First Major Tech IPO Since Pinterest in 2019

Reddit's IPO at $34 per share values the social media platform at around $6.4 billion.


5 Effective Ways to Build Your Brand on Reddit

Using Reddit is simple and gives you thousands of potential subreddits to use for brand expansion.

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Reddit Offered 75,000 Users the Chance to Preregister for Shares Before Its IPO. The Reactions Were Pure Reddit.

Some users have deemed Reddit a "meme stock," a term that ironically originated on the platform.


Google llega a un acuerdo millonario con Reddit para que sus modelos comprendan mejor el contenido humano

El gigante tecnológico busca tener acceso a material hecho por humanos para mejorar su modelo de inteligencia artificial.

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He Turned His Love of Bargains Into a Side Hustle That Earns $1000's a Month

How David Paxton hit a hole-in-one with Daily Golf Steals, which offers deals on golf equipment.

Thought Leaders

You'll Never Achieve Work-Life Balance — and You Shouldn't, Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Says

Take a peek inside the serial entrepreneur and investor's routine on the road and at home — and see how he navigates all of his responsibilities ahead of the birth of his second child with Serena Williams.

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Reddit Users Are at War With Their Own CEO. Here's Why Thousands of Subreddits Are Going Dark.

About 2,500 message boards are still dark, according to a website tracking the protests.

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'We Expect to Leak the Data': Reddit Hackers Demand $4.5 Million and API Pricing Changes But Say They Doubt The Company Will Pay

The ransomware group BlackCat (also known as ALPHV) is threatening to release 80 gigabytes of data if Reddit doesn't meet the hackers' demands.

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Bill Gates Shuts Down Conspiracy Theory About Owning Farmland. No 'Grand Scheme Involved.'

The billionaire has purchased 270,00 acres and many want to know why.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

5 Crypto Marketing Fails and How to Avoid Them

Steer clear of these pitfalls to make your Crypto project stand out and succeed!


Reddit crea un marketplace de NFT's para su comunidad con todo y diseños de Stranger Things

La red social que ya permitía que un usuario utilizara un NFT como imagen de perfil ha inaugurado un espacio para comercializar diseños creados por miembros de algunas de sus comunidades.