Renewable Energy

Is Renewable Energy Worth Your Investment?

Here are three key aspects to consider before you take the plunge.

Kevin Leyes

Climate Change Stands to Displace 2 Billion People Worldwide. These Innovative Solutions Could Help Reduce That Number.

It's time for legacy institutions to do their part and implement more environmentally friendly practices.

Ariel Shapira

With 206 Projects, Jeff Bezos' Amazon Is Now the World's Largest Renewable Energy Buyer

As part of its commitment to have zero-carbon emissions by 2040, Amazon announced new renewable and clean energy projects in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden.

S. Shah

This plane could run on friction energy from flight

This technology could become a reality thanks to nanogenerators called triboelectrics, which allow generating energy by rubbing, even the air against the wings of the aircraft.

Alto Nivel

It's Time to Run Your Business on Renewable Energy, and It Can Even Help Save You Money

This innovative company is making it easier to reduce your carbon footprint.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By Switching to Clean Energy

Arcadia Power makes switching to clean energy almost effortless.


Why the Tide Is Turning for the Energy Sector

The increasing demand for electric vehicles, air conditioning and renewable energy are all helping to shape the future.

Garbage In, Energy Out: Synova Power Turns Waste Into Electricity

Plastic waste is a major threat to ocean health but instead of dumping it, it could be a good and cheap fuel for the technology Synova has developed.

Alaska Is Offering Entrepreneurs a Huge Renewable Energy Opportunity

The widely scattered residents of the largest state are looking for alternatives to reduce their onerous energy costs.

This Millennial's Company Has an Important Global Impact -- While Saving Customers a Ton of Money

Meet Walid Halty, the millennial who is trying to save the world's energy crisis.

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