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Apple Moves to Sever Ties With Goldman Sachs — Here's What That Means for Apple Card and Savings Holders

The end may be near for one of the most prominent alliances between a technology firm and a banking institution.

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Robinhood CEO Says Big Banks Are Taking Advantage of Americans. Now His Company Wants to Put More Money Into Your Wallet — No Investing Required.

The move aims to attract customers disillusioned with traditional financial institutions.

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A Goldman Partner Reportedly Blasted Apple's Savings Accounts as a Mistake: 'We Should Have Never Done This F—ing Thing'

Apple announced earlier this year that users had deposited more than $10 billion into savings accounts.

Buying / Investing in Business

What Are The Safest Investment Options for Earning a Good Return Over Time? A Financial Expert Explains.

In times of financial uncertainty, these options can provide a safe and reliable way to invest your money.

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'Pretty Troubling': New Data Reveals Startling Increase in 401(k) Withdrawals Amidst Economic Uncertainty

In the second quarter of 2023, there was a staggering increase in hardship withdrawals compared to the same period in 2022.

Thought Leaders

12 Cost-Cutting Strategies to Help You Thrive in a Slow Economy

Unearth hidden profits in a challenging economy with these twelve effective strategies drawn from my own personal experience.

Health & Wellness

There's A New Trend In Healthcare That's Saving Money For Small Businesses

Health Reimbursement Accounts offer new (and more affordable) options for many.

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You Need a 6 Figure Salary to Be Considered Middle Class in This U.S. City

Middle-class status is the hardest to attain in tech cities like San Francisco and Seattle.

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Apple Launches Apple Card Savings With APY 10x Higher Than National Average

The company announced the new savings account with a 4.15% annual percentage yield.

Growing a Business

Yes, Google is Cutting Back on Staplers to Save Money. Could This Be The End of Tech Company Perks?

In a new era of cost-cutting, we're seeing not only the end of generous perks but also the trimming of what used to be considered essentials. What does this mean for employees who once enjoyed unparalleled office luxuries? Let's find out.

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Google Will Pay You The Difference if Your Flight Price Goes Down — But There Are a Few Exceptions

The company announced a pilot program called the "Google Price Guarantee" to remove the possibility of airfare buyer's remorse.

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This Woman Was Drowning in Debt Before She Tried 'Cash Stuffing.' Now She's Made The Highly Effective Practice a Full-Time Business.

A Texas woman was $80,000 in debt before she tried a method of budgeting called "cash stuffing." Now, she's not only paid off her debt but turned the budgeting practice into a full-time business to help others save.