This is how stress breaks your heart (literally)

Scientists discovered two molecules that may be the key to understanding the cause of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy or broken heart syndrome.

The Earth's core begins to have an unusual growth that science cannot explain

Scientists have discovered that the Earth's core has developed a behavior that they cannot understand.

They develop a chip the size of a dust mite

The objective of this device will be to monitor biological processes of the human body through ultrasound.

Mexican archaeologists find new species of 'talking dinosaurs'

The INAH found the skull of a herbivorous dinosaur, baptized as Tlatolophus galorum, in General Cepeda, Coahuila.

High-Potency 'Golden Cells' Offer Hope to Those With Severe Brain Injuries

Entrepreneurs can help develop innovative treatments and bring them to market.

Eric Stoffers

IBM created a microchip of just 2 nanometers, the smallest yet. This will benefit the technology industry.

Billed as "a breakthrough" in the processor industry, IBM's tiny microchip can quadruple the battery life of your phone, among other uses.

How to Use Science and Data in Marketing

It's essential to understand how to leverage both components.

Jeremy Knauff

Turns Out There Were Once Billions of T. Rexes, and They Hunted Their Prey in Terrifying Packs

Scientists have discovered that the most tyrannical dinosaur was more omnipresent and socially inclined than previously imagined.

Kenny Herzog

It Costs $3 Million to Travel on This Nuclear Yacht Packed With Millionaires, Scientists and Celebrities

Entrepreneur Aaron Olivera aims to raise environmental awareness by bringing climate experts, activists and tycoons together on a yacht to travel the world.

'So Many Lightbulbs Went Off': How This Couple's Stress-Soothing Invention Blew Up During the Pandemic

The Apollo Neuro is a new anxiety-reducing wearable backed by powerful research, and the powerhouse couple behind it has high hopes for combating the mental health crisis.

Frances Dodds

Russia Sank a Neutrino Observatory Into the World's Deepest Lake

Baikal-GVD will help scientists study the history of the universe.

I. Bonifacic

'Failure Is Not an Option:' What Apollo 13 Teaches Entrepreneurs About Problem-Solving

Work the puzzle, "methodically looking for a solution until you run out of oxygen."

Aytekin Tank