Starbucks Is Adopting a Surprisingly Aggressive Strategy to Discourage Unionization

The Starbucks Union, Starbucks Workers United, has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

Amanda Breen

Starbucks in Hot Water With U.S. Labor Board

The National Labor Relations Board has sued the coffee giant over alleged retaliation efforts against three employees involved in organizing a union.

Interim Starbucks CEO Announces Major Investment Reversal

The coffee chain is attempting to chart a new path forward.

Amanda Breen

Starbucks Slammed With Lawsuit After Man is Served Cleaning Solution Instead of Coffee

A Connecticut man is suing the coffee chain after allegedly ingesting blue cleaning solution in his coffee cup.

Emily Rella

Starbucks CEO to Retire, Interim CEO to Accept $1 Salary on 'Volunteer' Basis

President and CEO Kevin Johnson will be leaving the company after 13 years.

Emily Rella

Starbucks Is Getting Rid of Its Iconic Cups

Soon, the ubiquitous green-and-white vessels will be a thing of the past.

Amanda Breen

'What a Jerk!' Woman Slammed for Trying To Make Purchase at Starbucks After It Closed

A TikTok is going viral after a woman entered a Starbucks in San Francisco that was reportedly closed.

Emily Rella

Starbucks Set to Increase Prices in All Stores, Once Again

Increased costs due to inflation and the rise of the Omicron variant have affected the company.

Emily Rella

Viral Video Exposes Difference In Starbucks Workers' Salaries

One Target Starbucks employee is sparking debate about the difference in salaries at different cafe locations.

Emily Rella

Starbucks, Amazon Go Open Store in New York

Amazon will use cameras to monitor which items a person has selected and taken, then charges that person accordingly.