Steve Jobs

10 years have passed since the death of Steve Jobs and Apple continues to grow enormously

Apple continues the legacy that Jobs left behind, positioning itself as one of the fastest growing companies in the last decade.

Why didn't Steve Jobs let his kids use iPads?

It's not just the founder of Apple who thinks that having too much technology at home is harmful.

From Steve Jobs to Elon Musk, Similar Personality Traits Emerge: How Do Yours Compare?

The entrepreneurial personality type has been rigorously studied, and experts have identified shared traits that typify who is (or isn't) cut out for entrepreneurialism.

Joy Youell

Why Steve Jobs' passion for calligraphy is an inspiration to increase your creativity

Just like Apple founder Steve Jobs did, by intentionally exercising your creative muscle, new opportunities naturally arise, and calligraphy is perfect for this.

Douglas Crowe

Was there an iPhone Nano? An email from Steve Jobs responds to us

In 2011 rumors spread that the company with the bitten apple would be working on this model.

4 Lessons from Steve Jobs That Are Still Relevant 10 Years After His Death

Jobs' actions and words still help shape modern business practices and philosophy. Here are some of the more notable lessons you can learn from his life even now.

John Boitnott

Why Steve Jobs's Passion for Calligraphy Is an Important Example for You

By intentionally exercising your creative muscle, new opportunities naturally follow.

Douglas Crowe

Steve Jobs Biography Author to Write Elon Musk Story

Musk noted that the writer accompanied him for several days to gather material for the book.

Steve Jobs' Handwritten Job Application Is Auctioned as NFT

Yes, the document has already been auctioned before, but now it could be obtained as a "non-fungible token."

Steve Jobs' Daughter Shares Never-Before-Heard Stories of Love and Cruelty About Her Father

The autobiography of Lisa Brennan-Jobs has just been published in Spanish, and in it, she shows us another side of the Apple co-founder.

The 'middle class' who changed the world

The culture of aspiration generates thousands, or perhaps millions of jobs on the planet and an economic shock wave.

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