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Elon Musk muestra su admiración por Steve Jobs al compartir un video de 1995 en el que habla del esfuerzo y la innovación

A lo largo del tiempo, Elon Musk ha expresado y demostrado la admiración que siente por Steve Jobs, el cofundador de Apple.

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Want to Be the Next Apple? Here's the Secret Sauce Used By Steve Jobs to Build Consumer Trust.

There are many marketing and branding strategies out there — but here's the one Steve Jobs used grow Apple.

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How to Build a 'Brand Vault' For Your Business – With a Little Help From Steve Jobs

No matter how big or small your business is, use Steve Jobs' philosophy to get greater customer satisfaction.

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Here's How Steve Jobs Dealt With Negative Press and Avoided Brand Disasters

The best way to grow your bank account is to avoid major withdrawals. The same can be said about your brand.


I Attended an Ivy League University's Most Popular MBA Leadership Class and Learned How Steve Jobs Became a Better Leader in 10 Minutes

Professor Hitendra Wadhwa wrote the literal book on looking inward to find outward success.

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A Jazz Critic Missed Out on a $6 Million Fortune By Selling His Apple Stock for About 1/700 of Its Value Today

"I probably should have bought those shares back when [Steve] Jobs returned to Apple."


What Does Entrepreneurial Excellence Mean Today? The Benchmark for Success Is Evolving — Here's How.

Discover the evolving definition of excellence for entrepreneurs, from success through domination to leaving a positive legacy for the world.

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Steve Jobs's Son Is Diving Into Venture Capital — and His Focus Hits Close to Home

Reed Jobs, 31, launched venture capital firm Yosemite, which already boasts $200 million from investors and institutions.


Is Your Leadership Style More Steve Jobs or Elon Musk? Here's How to Tell — And Why It Matters.

Learn how to become a better leader by understanding Isaiah Berlin's foxes and hedgehogs metaphor and finding out how you can incorporate this framework into your leadership style today.

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The 'Apple' Of Delhi's Eye: Tim Cook Launches First Retail Store

As fans throng Saket's Citywalk Mall in Delhi to get a glimpse of Tim Cook, the CEO happily poses and signs autographs amid the second grand retail store opening

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Apple's Steve Jobs: An Extraordinary Career

Ever wondered how Steve Jobs was so successful? Discover the answers in this comprehensive overview of his life, career and death.


Según un estudio, los fundadores de startups más exitosos tienen esta edad (y no, no están en sus 20's)

A pesar del éxito de emprendedores como Bill Gates y Steve Jobs, que tenían poco más de 20 años cuando fundaron empresas ahora tremendamente exitosas, la investigación indica que sus historias son una excepción, no la norma.