Twitch plans to cut subscription revenue by 50% and content creators aren't happy

In addition, the platform is looking for ways to incentivize streamers to display more advertising on their streams.

A low-cost subscription to Netflix with ads could have a huge impact on the streaming industry

The streaming giant is in a position to develop new advertising options that could revolutionize the industry.

The CNN+ streaming platform closes a couple of weeks after being launched

The merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery ends the project. Your content could become part of an existing streaming platform.

Amazon Prime completes acquisition of Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer (MGM)

The streaming company owned by Jeff Bezos makes official the acquisition of an impressive catalog of movies and television series.

Disney + analyzes low-cost subscription and with ads from other brands

The company analyzes the launch of a low-cost subscription that contains the commercial presence of other brands.

Where Entrepreneurs Can Innovate in the Streaming Service Space

The way we watch TV has changed, and technology needs to grow with it.

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ViacomCBS, Now Paramount, Overhauls Its Streaming Strategy to Compete: 'Why Wouldn't You Do This?'

Now, the company is willing to put the money where it matters to reach a set of lofty targets.

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Watch Episode 2 of Interactive Series 'Going Public' Today

Meet two new startups trying to impress viewers and raise funds.

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Netflix Is Raising Prices in the U.S.

The higher prices will apply to new members immediately.

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Learn Something New While Protecting Your Internet Connection

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