Science & Technology

Porch Pirates Stole 119 Million Packages From Doorsteps Last Year Alone. Here's What You Can Do to Make Sure This Doesn't Happen to Your Customers.

The rapid growth of ecommerce, fueled by the pandemic, has increased opportunities for "porch pirates" who target packages left on doorsteps, impacting both consumer confidence and business finances. This rise in theft underscores the need for effective security measures — read on for some suggestions from my 17 years in the industry.

Thought Leaders

Hackers Are Now Using AI to Steal Your Identity — Here's How to Navigate the Current Digital Identity Landscape

Discover the latest in digital identity security as hackers leverage AI and new tactics.

Money & Finance

A 'Trusted' Employee Stole $90,000 From a Company Now on The Brink of Collapse. Here's 1 Simple Thing You Can Do to Avoid a Similar Fate.

An Oregon newspaper learns the hard way why it's so important to require time off for employees.

Business News

This Free Tool 'Poisons' AI Models to Prevent Them From Stealing Your Work — But Some Say It's Akin to 'Illegal' Hacking

Nightshade v1.0 empowers artists to protect their works from unauthorized AI training.

Business News

Illinois Woman Arrested for Stealing a Dump Truck — And Claimed It Was to Start a Side Hustle

A 27-year-old Evansville woman was arrested after police say she tried to take off with the vehicle.

Business News

Sephora Is Putting Customer Favorite Merchandise Behind Lock and Key

The change goes against Sephora's original try-before-you-buy business model.

Health & Wellness

Colorado's Football Team Was Robbed at the Rose Bowl, and Coach Deion Sanders Wants Reimbursement

At a press conference, the former NFL and MLB superstar and now college coach asked the NCAA to 'do something.'

Business News

A New Report Suggests the Retail Theft Narrative Is 'Overexaggerated' — Here's Why

"We have to acknowledge potentially ulterior, more opportunistic motives," the analysts wrote.

Business News

USPS Is Cracking Down on Mail Theft — And Offering Up To $250,000 For Help

Monetary rewards range from $100,000 to $250,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

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A Florida Man's Wife Had Her Rare $200K Purple Rolls Royce Stolen. He Used a Plane Banner to Find It.

The Rolls Royce owner, Bob Benyo, is known for using his company, Aerial Banners, to send unusual messages.

Business News

Costco Isn't Facing Devastating Surges in Theft Like Target and Walmart — and the Reason Is Very Simple

The retailer's CFO revealed its strategy during a fourth-quarter-earnings call.

Business News

Dollar Tree CEO Says 'Elevated' Theft Is Affecting Profit Margins

Executives at Dollar Tree partially attributed the decline in the company's gross profit margin to instances of increased theft across its stores.

Science & Technology

Security Breaches Are on the Rise and Your Identity Isn't Safe. Here's How Verified Identities Can Help

There are only three certainties in life. Death, taxes and cybercriminals attempting to steal information they can flip for money.

Business News

A 14-Year-Old Who Broke into Nearly 40 Cars Was Inspired by Viral TikTok Trend, According to Police Reports

The TikTok trend, dubbed the "Kia Challenge," has become a nationwide issue, with young individuals sharing car theft techniques online.