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TikTok Launches Its First-Ever Global Social Impact Creator Elevation Program, TikTok Change Makers Program

TikTok unveils its inaugural global list of TikTok Change Makers, comprising 50 purpose-driven creators from around the world, who advocate, inspire, and educate their communities to drive collective change on TikTok and beyond.


Empresario busca crear un nuevo TikTok a través de un fondo de inversiones

Frank McCourt busca que los usuarios de la red social tengan el control de sus datos personales.


TikTok etiquetará el contenido externo que haya sido creado con IA

La plataforma social quiere evitar que los creadores hagan pasar ese contenido como original.

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Using AI to Promote Your Business? New TikTok Labels Will Let Everyone Know

AI-generated content from OpenAI, Microsoft, and even Google, will soon be clearly labeled on TikTok.

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TikTok Sues U.S. to Block Ban, Sale Mandate, Says Divesting From ByteDance 'Not Possible'

TikTok has less than a year to separate from Beijing-based ByteDance or face a U.S. ban.

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Are You Good at Your Job and a Pleasure to Work With? You'll 'Never Get Promoted,' According to a Viral TikTok. Here's What the Experts Say.

Here's what the research has to say, and what leaders can do to promote kindness and empathy at work.


So, TikTok is Getting Banned. What's Next?

While the prospect of a TikTok ban poses significant challenges, it also opens doors for alternative platforms to thrive.


ByteDance sale en defensa de TikTok: no está a la venta

La aplicación de videos cuenta con 270 días para ser vendida a un proveedor estadounidense, de lo contrarío será prohibida en el país.


ByteDance prefiere que TikTok deje de operar en Estados Unidos que venderla

Los algoritmos utilizados por la plataforma de videos son la principal razón por la que hay resistencia a la venta.

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ByteDance Would Rather Shut Down TikTok in the U.S. than Sell It: Report

ByteDance broke its silence on the TikTok ban bill that Biden signed into law this week.

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The TikTok Ban Bill Has Been Signed — Here's How Long ByteDance Has to Sell, and Why TikTok Is Preparing for a Legal Battle

TikTok has nine months to cut ties with its China-based parent company ByteDance.

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John Deere Will Pay Up to $192K for a 'Chief Tractor Officer' to Travel and Help Launch TikTok Channel

One winning applicant will traverse the country over the next several months.


Narcissism Can Help You Be Successful — Here's How to Harness It Without Going Too Far, According to an Ivy League-Trained Psychotherapist

Matt Lundquist, founder and clinical director of TriBeCa Therapy, breaks down the benefits of healthy narcissism.


How Much Should You Charge to Create Social Media Content? Good Question, Canopy Has the Answer

Valuing Your Voice: Navigating the Pricing Maze of Social Media Content Creation with Insights from Canopy


¿Quieres convertirte en un éxito en TikTok? Sigue estas 12 reglas para el éxito empresarial

Abordar TikTok puede parecer desalentador para ti y tu equipo de marketing. Usa estas 12 reglas para crear contenido viral y hacer crecer tu negocio.