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How to use Reels to boost your business

We leave you 6 examples of how entrepreneurs like you use short Instagram videos to sell more.

TikTok is already the most downloaded app in the world, according to Nikkei

For the first time, the short video app surpassed Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp in downloads, all platforms of the Mark Zuckerberg emporium.

TikTok is Testing an Instagram-Style 'Stories' Feature

A social media consultant posted tests of the feature on his Twitter account.

How TikTok Can Help You Supercharge Your Career

TikTok took the world by storm in 2020 with its light-hearted dances and lip-syncing videos, but now Gen Z is using it for career advice too.

Richard Maize

Here's Why Not Being on TikTok Is a Huge Mistake

If you think TikTok is just for Gen Z, think again. Here's how to use the platform to your business's advantage.

How TikTok Crypto 'Experts' Turn a Profit at Your Expense

Not doing your own due diligence can lead to serious financial consequences.

Ali Grey

Social Media Is the Gold Rush of Our Time. But When Is It Going to End?

At one point, everyone had a pan and a dedicated mission to strike it rich. Now, everyone has an Instagram channel and a sponsorship -- and the same determination to strike it rich.

Doritos Australia rewards a girl who found an inflated dorito with $ 20,000

In an "experimental" auction, the potato received an offer of $ 100,000.

A metal band took over a Wendy's with a strange performance: VIDEO

For patrons at a Wendy's in Washington, the drive-thru experience was much louder than usual.

Emily Rella

Cringe-Worthy Video of an Employee Forgetting to Mute Herself on Conference Call Has the Internet Crying: 'I Would Just Quit and Move to Another State'

TikTok user Alex Ceberio (@alllyvert) was mocking her work-from-home attire when she realized she was not, in fact, on mute.

Emily Rella

This Is Why Your Brand Should Be Using TikTok Right Now

Adding TikTok to your social-media strategy will keep you relevant and improve your bottom line.