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Lexus: Getting the 'Luxe' Factor Right For Luxury Cars

From clocking a significant amount of revenue from smaller towns to navigating the macroeconomic headwinds, Lexus has cracked the code for the Indian market. However, it is vigilant. "We need to carefully watch as we go towards the second or maybe the third quarter of 2023," says Naveen Soni, president, Lexus India

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Who Is Shoichiro Toyoda? The First Heir to the Toyota Empire and Father of Current CEO Akio Toyoda Has Died

Shoichiro is remembered for expanding Toyota's manufacturing to the U.S. and launching the high-end Lexus brand.


Voces de la industria automotriz dicen que los vehículos eléctricos no pueden ser el único camino

Advierten de la imposibilidad de reemplazar el parque vehicular actual a mediano plazo y sugieren optar por explorar el camino híbrido.

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'A Huge Surprise': Akio Toyoda, President and CEO of Toyota, Steps Down

Toyota is the world's largest automaker, and it's going through a leadership shift.


Toyota convierte dos de sus viejos modelos en autos impulsados por la electricidad y el hidrógeno

La empresa nipona sugiere convertir los antiguos modelos para acelerar la adopción de los autos eléctricos.

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Toyota Considers Electric Car Reboot Strategy to Compete With Tesla

The plan is still under review, but could result in a reworking of the automaker's $38 billion roll out plan announced last year.


¿El secreto del éxito de Trader Joe? Adoptando esta estrategia empresarial japonesa

Esto es lo que Toyota y Trader Joe's tienen en común: ambas empresas han adoptado kaizen y son mejores gracias a ello.

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The Secret to Trader Joe's Success? Embracing This Japanese Business Strategy

Here's what Toyota and Trader Joe's have in common: Both companies have embraced kaizen and are better for it.

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Toyota Announces Plans for $1.3 Billion US Battery Plant, Expects to Employ 1,750 Workers

Toyota announced it will invest $3.4 billion in automotive batteries in the United States.

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Toyota Invests $349 Million in Flying Taxi Startup

The startup, Joby Aviation, is developing a piloted, five seat eVTOL

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Friday Flashback: Toyota to Land a Car on the Moon

Know what happened in the APAC region over the past week

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How Automobile Companies are Spearheading the E-revolution

Companies across the world are stepping up their efforts to tackle the growing pollution crisis by creating electric vehicles

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Toyota's Humanoid Robot Goes Wireless Thanks to 5G Technology

The Japanese automotive giant is using 5G technology to control the robot without wires

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Toyota, SoftBank Partner to Drive Safer Mobility For Everyone

The joint venture company will build a network that provides safer and more comfortable mobility for everyone