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I Interviewed Instagram's 'Money Queen,' But We Didn't Discuss Money At All

Instead, Instagram star Amanda Frances shares her six best pieces of advice for maintaining a large online presence and being a digital course creator.

Michelle Beadle Is Back In the Big Time, and This Time It's On Her Terms

In an exclusive interview, the former ESPN talking head (her words) talks about her new podcast venture with The Athletic and explains what drives her, now that she's in the driver's seat.

Dr. Rod Berger

How This Founder Is Making Room for Modest Fashion: 'You Don't Need to Change Who You Are to Fit In'

Henna & Hijabs' mission is to provide options that did not exist in the fashion space before. Here are three lessons Hilal Ibrahim offers to founders starting businesses that are disrupting the status quo.

Mita Mallick

Strategies for Addressing Executive Women's Unique Wellness Challenges

From destressing routines to delegating more aggressively, here are some ways in which women execs can stay healthy and productive.

Free Webinar | November 10: How to Make a Successful Career JUMP!

Pivoting your career path may seem like a daunting task, but bestselling author Kim Perell has the advice and guidance you need to overcome the fears of such a life change in this upcoming webinar. Register now!

Redefining 'Boss Lady': Female Co-Founders Are the Next Evolution of Entrepreneurs

We have to encourage young minds to rise above the status quo and seek new sources of inspiration.

3 Lessons I Learned About Work Ethic From Milking Cows With My Father Every Evening

Working on the family farm taught me what it really means to have a good work ethic.

Cheri Beranek

This Entrepreneur Is Challenging Us to Rethink What's In Our Closets. Here's What She's Learned Along the Way.

Here are the three lessons Karla Gallardo, founder and CEO of Cuyana, shares on building a company that is challenging customers to build a smarter wardrobe.

Mita Mallick

How An Independent Record Store Capitalized on Demand in Nyack, New York

Main Street Beat has focused on both nostalgia and the current scene with their selection of records, books and clothing in a thriving business district.

Ryan Droste

Dear Brit: 'Who Do You Learn From When You're the "Boss"?'

The four places Brit Morin looks to for inspiration.

Brit Morin

How Managers Can Dismantle Workplace Trauma

Best-selling author and podcast host Minda Harts offers her insights in righting generations of racial wrongs.

Kanika Tolver