Women-owned Business


Five UAE Homegrown Fashion Labels You Should Follow

This is what we love most about being in the land of opportunity- the rise of local budding artists and fashion designers who incorporate our rich local heritage into their designs.

Women Entrepreneur™

One Image, Two Very Different Interpretations: What Does it Mean in Business?

Gender equality may be an idealistic goal, but the point of humanity is to get more out of our lives

Women Entrepreneur™

How Being a Mom Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur?

You don't know what working under pressure is until you have had to manage children and here's how you can manage it

Thought Leaders

20 Wonder Woman Traits of Female Entrepreneurs

How are female entrepreneurs the wonder women of industry disruption and innovation? Let me count the ways…


Being a Homeprenuer Has its Own Share of Challenges

Homepreneurs ¬are entrepreneurs who just chose to work from home, and decide to stick with the same.

Growth Strategies

This Entrepreneur Is Helping Women Bounce Back to Work Post Breaks

Most companies now realize the value of qualified, experienced women candidates who took a break in their careers,


Realizing the twinkling spark of entrepreneurship

Male Chauvinism fades out as female entrepreneurs start to rule

Growth Strategies

Overcoming All Odds

Entrepreneur, not by choice and by accident.


Women Employees Hope for Equal Opportunities in 2016

Statistics reveals the gender disparity at work places in India - some of them might disappoint you


Every Woman Deserves To Feel And Look Good, Says Nidhi Agarwal, KAARYAH's Founder & CEO

KAARYAH offers clothes of various sizes and shapes that flatters every woman

Thought Leaders

Think Business Is a Boys' Club? Think Again. (Infographic)

These stats show women-owned businesses are thriving.


Smashing the Patriarchy: Online Lingerie Store by Women, for Women

Online lingerie store for women and by women offers privacy and choice to women across India


Staging the Anti-Conference That Will Pull in Young Entrepreneurs

A confab that drew lots of youthful women in business provides lessons on how to tailor your event to attract millennials.


Women Win in the Classroom, Struggle in the Boardroom (Infographic)

Ahead of International Women's Day, here's a look at where women have made improvements and where they are still falling a step behind.