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20 Wonder Woman Traits of Female Entrepreneurs

How are female entrepreneurs the wonder women of industry disruption and innovation? Let me count the ways…

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I loved the movie Wonder Woman so much that I saw it twice, and I know that before it leaves theatres, I will see it again. With the potential to be included in the top 10 comic book movies of all time, it turns out I'm not the only one with whom this movie strikes a chord.

I have spent almost 20 years being a change agent while working alongside and studying the women who disrupted the status quo in order to make the world a better place. I have met corporate executives, serial and first-time entrepreneurs, angel and venture capital investors, and individual contributors with the heart, soul, talent, intelligence, skill and capacity to make their marks on the world. Each demonstrates that is not a job title held exclusively by high-growth startup founders. Entrepreneurship is a state of mind.

Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, exhibits several traits held by women brave enough to disrupt the status quo. Women just like you. Here are 20 ways you employ your Wonder Woman strength to disrupt the wrongs that ail the world, industry, and even our daily lives. If I sound like I am gushing over you, I am. You deserve it. Now, settle in and enjoy the compliments, ladies. You've earned it.

1) You use your energy to make the world a better place.

2) You know that you have to change your mind in order to change the world.

3) You aren't afraid to go first.

4) You believe in the power of love.

5) You value relationships over transactions.

6) You jump into action when things get tough.

7) You see every barrier as a strategy waiting to happen.

8) You know every decision can't be made linearly.

9) You have the competence to embrace the unknown.

10) You build muscle memory every day of the week.

11) You always find your tribe.

12) You work hard to build a solid foundation that fuels you.

13) You don't let the expectation of others define you.

14) You never wait for permission to do the right thing.

15) You are not afraid to be vulnerable.

16) You are authentic when you lead and when you follow.

17) You embrace that people are perfectly imperfect.

18) You stay focused even when the world is blowing up around you.

19) You use empathy to understand yourself and the people around you.

20) You understand that progress is always better than waiting for perfection.

Whether you are a startup founder, a corporate employee or executive, or a leader in government, your community or a nonprofit, you are my entrepreneur super hero. I dedicate this post, and every post that follows, to you.

Over the next few months, I will break down each of the 20 traits that enable every female entrepreneur to act like Wonder Women every day. Each post will share digestible and helpful research and examples of women just like you. The article will go beyond informative and inspirational and delve into the pragmatic, including questions and suggestions that will help you enhance your inner Wonder Woman every day.

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