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Viral Clip of Rihanna Performing at the Ambani Pre-Wedding Party Sparks Lively Android vs iPhone Debate

One user said it was the "greatest ad" for an Android phone, but the video's creator set the record straight.


La nueva estrategia para fingir que estás ocupado: ver grabaciones de junta de Zoom en YouTube

Nada como una larguísima videollamada para no hacer nada…


How to Deliver a Virtual Meeting with Confidence

Today there is an endless stream of virtual meetings. Many of them terrible. That's right. Terrible. Often it is not the content. It is the delivery and the virtual "stage."


El impacto cerebral de las videollamadas: Zoom vs encuentros presenciales

Un estudio de la Universidad de Yale demuestra que el cerebro está menos activo durante los encuentros remotos.

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There's a Scientific Reason You and Your Colleagues Won't Stop Waving at Each Other on Zoom

The somewhat awkward gesture that took hold amid the pandemic isn't disappearing anytime soon.

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We Know Return to Office Mandates Backfire — So Why Are Tech Giants Like Amazon, IBM and Zoom Reinstating This Outdated Policy?

In a landscape where innovation is the ultimate currency, why are tech giants like Amazon, IBM and Zoom clinging to outdated mandates?

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Zoom Is Releasing Tech to Help You Blow Off Zoom Meetings

The company announced new generative AI tech to help anyone who is late (or sleeps through) their next video conference call.


Zoom presenta un nuevo asistente virtual que te ahorrará hora de trabajo (y te hará el paro cuando llegues tarde a la junta)

El nuevo asistente de IA de Zoom podrá resumirte en tiempo real lo que se ha hablado en una junta.

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The Company That Took Remote Work By Storm Is Telling Employees to Return to the Office

Zoom announced that workers living within 50 miles of a company office must go in at least two days a week.


How to Design the Perfect Virtual Presentation

Virtual presentations offer an unparalleled potential to reach and engage a global audience at surprisingly low costs. Unlock their unique benefits for your business by following this simple virtual presentation design process.


5 Fail-Safe Strategies to Safeguard Your Time During Online Meetings and Eliminate Zoom Fatigue

Online meetings have become an unavoidable part of business life, but they can swallow up significant amounts of time, reducing productivity and causing Zoom fatigue.

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Zoom President Greg Tomb Unexpectedly Fired 'Without Cause'

The decision was effective on Friday.


5 Things You Need to Bridge The Gap Between In-Person and Remote Meetings

To truly take advantage of the benefits of hybrid meetings requires using the right tools and training to maximize everyone's participation and address the problems most companies face.

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Zoom CEO Eric Yuan Cuts His Own Pay By 98% Amid Layoffs

"I want to show accountability not just in words but in my own actions," Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said in an email to employees.