Advertising Trends: Pushing Past Media Overload

Examples of Effective Ads

Here are a few copyrighted examples that garnered big results:

I believe there's only one reason why diamonds exist...

Diamonds exist, rare and beautiful, to symbolize something even more rare and more beautiful . . . love. Pure and simple, sparkling and bright, love.

To be given a diamond is a magical thing. Wear it . . . and know you are loved.

And know this, too: No matter how perfect the diamond . . . no matter how pure the gold . . . it can never be as beautiful as the love it represents. A diamond means you are connected to someone who loves you, even when you're apart.

Diamonds exist to carry that sparkle of love from someone's heart. (You gotta love that sparkle-of-love.)

Are you someone who's getting a diamond this Christmas?

I hope so. And I hope you'll always remember what it means.

Are you someone who's giving a diamond this Christmas? Wow. You're really lucky. Few moments in life are as special as the moment you say, "That's it. That's the one. That's the diamond I'm giving to the girl I love."

The stars are sparkling for you tonight; a million diamonds in the sky.

Merry Christmas. From your friends at ________ Jewelers.

See? That message could be delivered as a 60-second TV or radio ad, or as the text in a direct-mail piece, or as an e-mail in your inbox. Didn't really sound like an ad, did it? That's the point. It didn't use the language of advertisers--it spoke to you in the language of a friend.

Here's an example of an ad that closes the loopholes instead of sounding like hype:

Green Fees + Condo = $20

It's a Myrtle Beach Miracle. No strings attached.

We want you to get to know us at Condotels, and we're willing to lose a few bucks to make it happen.

Put yourself in our shoes. Nothing is more frustrating or more expensive than advertising that doesn't work. So we did the math. Financially, it makes a lot more sense for us to help pay for your next golf outing than it does to pump out ads that don't work.

So here's the deal:
4 days of golf at 3.5 and 4-star courses: Tradition Golf Club, International Club, Wachesaw Plantation East and Indigo Creek
Golf from December 8 to January 25
You and three friends stay three nights in a two-bedroom (four beds) two-bath condo at Golf Colony.
Green fees + Condo = $20 per golfer/per day
The total four-day/three night package price is $80 per golfer x 4 golfers: $320 total.

Want to golf between now and December 7?

This same package is only $39.50 per golfer/per day.

Here's what we get out of it: Four people telling all their friends back home how much better it is to stay in a condo than in a hotel.

This whole thing sounds too good to be true, right?

Let us tell you what we're up against: Four short years ago, Myrtle Beach had 73,000 rooms for rent. Today it has 92,000 rooms. Our job at Condotels is to rent out our clients' condos when they're not using them. And we've got a lot of condos to rent.

The Condotels check-in desk in open 24/7, just like a hotel, and we're not hard to find. Just pick up your keys, and go to your condo. Do it once, and you'll never stay in a hotel again.

Not interested in golf? Want to take the family to a luxury, oceanfront condo with a balcony overlooking the beach? Talk to us. We're knee-deep in condos like that.

Condotels has decided to spend its ad budget serving you instead of annoying you.

Book a golf outing or beach vacation with us. Let us know it's working.


Chipper Chip Olin

Please keep in mind that both of the ads used as examples in this column are copyrighted, so don't use them word for word. Instead, use the technique. It's really all you need to begin seeing the kinds of results that advertising can still deliver.

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Roy William's is the founder and president of international ad agency Wizard of Ads. Roy is also the author of numerous books on improving your advertising efforts, including The Wizard of Ads and Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads.

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