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Inside the October 1996 Issue


The Natural

From the Body Shop's products to world-saving projects, an environmental conscience is second nature to Anita Roddick.

Cleaning Up

3 Businesses that will sweep you away

You Owe It To Yourself

Set up a credit strategy to make sure the check is in the mail.

Soapy Sales

Sandie Ledray does business the clean way.

Card Sharks

Believing in magic pays off for the creators of America's favorite fantasy game.

Friend or Foe?

Why your competitor can be your greatest ally in the battle for business survival

Young Guns

A new generation of college students makes entrepreneurship its business.

Direct Hit

Want to hit a marketing bull's-eye?

Best Cities Entrepreneurs

Meet entrepreneurs from the best cities for small business.

30 Best Cities For Small Business

The nation's entrepreneurial hot spots.


Books worth a look.
Business Beat
Statistics reveal today's business start-ups are no lightweights.
Business Buzz
Is it our imagination or are museums becoming more eclectic than ever? You decide.
Entrepreneurial Woman
Vote now, or forever hold your peace.
Global Vision
Secretary of Commerce Mickey Kantor shares his goals for putting small business on the world map.
Home Inc.
Los Angeles takes the first step toward legalizing homebased businesses.
Travel Smarts
News for entrepreneurs on the go.
Whats Hot
Everything old is new again in the now trendy world of secondhand stores.
Computer Ease
A guide to creating a home page that customers will turn to.
Electronic Tax Reform
Home Front
How to make your home office a safe haven.
Network Marketing
When comparing MLMs, incentive programs can be the difference between the drab and the dazzling.
Starting Smart
Put it on paper so you can put it into action.
Youre The Boss
Everything you wanted to know about payroll taxes, and then some.
Bulletin Board
California: Buy, Sell And Trade Inventory
Business Hotline
Hiring reliable employees is easy--if you follow these tips for weeding out the bad seeds.
Capitol Issues
Two very different bills regarding employee time off attempt to woo working families.
Capitol Issues
Family Business
When parents and children go into business together
Leading Edge
Want to make your products and processes foolproof? Try a little poka-yoke.
A noncompete agreement can protect your business. But will it hold up in court?
Management Smarts
Tips and trends for growing your business.
Staff Smarts
Who says work can't be fun? Not these employers.
Advertising Workshop
Grab readers with a headline that's out of the ordinary . . . but not too far out.
Guerrilla Marketing
What humor can do to your profits isn't very funny at all.
Marketing Smarts
Savvy ideas to boost your sales.
Sales Success
Successful negotiations are based on respect, not hard-sell tactics.
Money Smarts
Money management strategies.
Personal Finance
Are socially responsible investments much ado about nothing?
Raising Money
Do you need a financing consultant to raise money--or can you go it alone?
Tax Talk
Test your tax IQ.
Franchise News
Postal franchises fume over the Postal Service's new Pack and Send service.
Franchise News
After a lull in the '80s, Blimpie is revitalized--and ready to take on the competition.
Opportunity Insider
The top picks from our Franchise 500 listing.
Business Bytes
Intranet applications use Internet technology to streamline your internal communications.
Business Software
Create marketing materials with easy-to-learn Macintosh desktop publishing software.
Buyers Guide
High-quality screens are earning rave reviews for the newest SVGA notebook computers.
Tech Smarts
The latest in modern technology.
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