Inside the January 1997 Issue
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Licensing Your Product

Grow by granting others permission to utilize your concept.

License To Profit

Make your play for a piece of the $100 billion licensing market.

Full Service

When it comes to customer service, actions speak louder than words.

Read All About It

The founders of the Levenger catalog wrote the book on selling to serious readers.

Major Leagues

Small businesses score big by teaming up with the giants.

Labor Gains

What welfare reform could mean to your business.

Top 10 Businesses For 1997

Thinking of starting a new business this year? If so, don't miss our review of the hottest small businesses to start in 1997!



Sun Tzu And The Art Of Business

Business books worth a look.
Bright Ideas

First, You Dream

How to take your products from idea to reality.
Business Beat

Type E Personality

What makes entrepreneurs tick?
Business Beat

Dream Job

College grads choose entrepreneurship.
Business Beat

All A Board

Snowboarders turn a hobby into a business.
Business Buzz

Red-Hot Blues

Entrepreneurial Woman

Winners Circle

Meet the Entrepreneurial Woman Small-Business Owners of the Year.
Global Vision

Up And Coming

Hottest foreign markets for 1997
Home Inc.

Words Of Wisdom

7 homebased entrepreneurs offer advice for the new year.
Travel Smarts

Travelers Blues

Whats Hot

New Wave

Water stores that cater to budget-minded, health-conscious families are making a splash.
Computer Ease

Experts On Your Side

Use templates to pour your work into molds sculpted by professionals.

Hot To Buy/Hot To Sell

New products for small and homebased businesses.
Network Marketing

Maximum Exposure

Use these techniques to successfully reach your entire market.
Start-Up Mart

Small-Business Credit Cards

Even small-business owners can act like big business with corporate credit cards.
Starting Smart

Step 8 Complete Your Legal Legwork

Be sure to research and meet the regulations in your field.
Youre The Boss

Keep 'Em Coming Back For More

6 creative ways to maintain customer satisfaction
Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Help for Entrepreneurs
Business Hotline

Dishing It Up

With the right recipe for success, your ethnic fast-food restaurant will reach a hungry market.
From The Pages Of...

Ready, Set, Sell

Excerpted from 203 Ways to Be Supremely Successful in the New World of Selling
Capitol Issues

Looking Ahead

Three SBA programs face closer scrutiny.
Family Business

Growing Global

Expanding the family business overseas
Leading Edge

In Other Words

Using metaphors can change the way you--and your customers--perceive your business.

Best Defense

Will your corporation hold up in court? Only if you follow all the rules.
Management Smarts

Team Spirit

Making the independents loyal.
Staff Smarts

Peace Talks

Are employee conflicts eating away your profits?
Advertising Workshop

Picture Perfect

An unusual illustration or photograph stops scanning readers in their tracks.
Guerrilla Marketing

Keep In Touch

Follow up . . . or fall on your face.
Marketing Edge

Sharper Image

Is your business's image everything it could--and should--be?
Marketing Smarts

Games People Play

Ideas to keep them playing along.
Sales Success

Fresh Start

Put your best foot forward this year with a new attitude toward business--and life.
Fund Smarts

New Frontiers

Expand your horizons with a mutual fund that covers the globe.
Money Smarts

Where Its At

You're not the lone investor.
Personal Finance

Loads Of Funds

Figuring mutual fund fees into your investment strategy.
Raising Money

Hidden Assets

Off-balance-sheet financing lets you raise money and protect your equity.
Tax Talk

Good News

Two new tax laws offer small-business owners sweet rewards.
Franchise News

Franchise Frenzy

Booming industries and landmark court cases put franchising in the fast lane.
Opportunity Insider

The Buying Game

Don't get taken by surprise when purchasing a franchise.
Opportunity Insider

Solid Gold

America's number-one franchise proves bigger is better.
Business Bytes

At Your Service

With all the Internet has to offer, do you still need the power of an online service?
Business Software

Battle Plan

Company books on the verge of rebellion? Take command with new accounting software.
Buyers Guide

Backup Plan

Worried about protecting computer data? With a tape backup drive, your worries may be over.
Tech Smarts

Fruitful Idea

Internet and fruit equals profit.
Web Smarts

Hit List

Tips on Advertising on the Web
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