Inside the March 1997 Issue
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Finding Your First Customers

Here's how to find out who they are, where they are, and how to get them.

Buddy System

With innovative services, banks are creating new partnerships with small businesses.

Power Up

Motivational superstars share 8 success secrets that changed their lives.



The Maverick Mindset

Books worth a look
Bright Ideas

Power Play

Strategies for creating products that dominate the marketplace
Business Beat

More Power To You

A new empowerment contracting program offers small business a huge advantage.
Business Beat

Under Fire

The SBA's Office of Advocacy faces the fight of its life.
Business Buzz

Man of Steel

Be the first to know
Entrepreneurial Woman

Star Bright

Awards program spotlights supporters of women business owners.
Global Vision

It's A Wrap

Exporting tips for entrepreneurs
Home Inc.

Crafting A Business

Should you turn your part-time hobby into a full-time business?
Personal Beat

Checking Up

After-hours tips for busy entrepreneurs
Travel Smarts

Free Ride

News for entrepreneurs on the go
Whats Hot

Hot Off The Press

Self-publishers with the write stuff grab a piece of an $18.5 billion industry.
Computer Ease

Hidden Treasures

Use Windows 95 applets to discover a host of helpful mini-programs.

Hot to Buy/Hot to Sell

New products for small and homebased businesses.
Home Front

Business Brainstorms

6 Ways to ignite your creative-thinking processes
Starting Smart

Step 10: Set Your Price

Find the right figure to make the highest profits.
Youre The Boss


8 Ways to de-craze, unwind and refocus on your business
Bulletin Board

Capital Connections

A sampling of financing programs nationwide
Business Hotline

Good Calls

Ring in profits with your own telemarketing business
From The Pages Of...

Food For Thought

How persistence and passion turned a new idea into a multimillion-dollar business
Special Events

Mark Your Calendars

Capitol Issues

Airing Concerns

Proposed EPA rules on air quality standards have some small businesses gasping for breath.
Family Business

Party Time

Make your business's anniversary an event.
Leading Edge

What Me Worry?

How smart entrepreneurs harness the power of paranoia

Getting Personal

Could you be liable for your corporation's bad decisions?
Management Smarts

Healthy Outlook

Tips and trends for your growing business
Staff Smarts

A Turn For The Better

Employee turnover may be good for your business.
Advertising Workshop

Hard Knocks

How to give the competition a few kicks--and still come off looking like the good guy
Guerrilla Marketing

Good Ideas

Tips to revitalize your marketing strategy
Marketing Edge

Speak Up

Fear of public speaking got you in its grip? Try these tips, and become the talk of the town.
Marketing Smarts

Floor Show

Savvy ideas to boost sales
Sales Success

Get Smart

If you don't know your product inside and out, you won't make the sale.
Fund Smarts

A Step Ahead

Aggressive, fast-moving fund targets growth companies.
Money Smarts

Way To Grow

Money-management strageties
Personal Finance

New Tune

Recent changes in IRA laws should be music to investors' ears.
Raising Money

Capital Questions

Do you stand a chance of getting venture capital? Take this test and find out.
Stock Smarts

Buyer's Market

Tech-driven acquisitions are firm's stock in trade.
Tax Talk

Small Change

State and local taxes are taking a bigger bite out of your business. Here's how to fight back.
Franchise News

Net Rewards

Will the Internet change franchising as we know it?
Opportunity Insider

Making The Grade

Franchise and business opportunities at a glance
Business Bytes

Rev It Up

Longing for faster Internet access? Check out these new and upcoming options.
Business Software

Suite Life

Microsoft's New Software Suite Makes Computing Sweet Indeed.
Buyers Guide

Take Note

More powerful than many desktop computers, today's notebooks are packed with features.
Tech Smarts

Tangled Web

The latest in modern technology
Web Smarts

Good Medicine

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