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Inside the October 1997 Issue


Theory of Creativity

Two creative geniuses reveal how to think out of the box.

Green Acres

Why some entrepreneurs are saying Goodbye, city life.

Merge Ahead

Before you go full-speed into a merger, read this.

From A Distance

The right local manager for your overseas office can boost international business.

Pushing The Envelope

How to make more money through mail order.

20 Best Cities For Small Business

Our annual ranking of the nation's top entrepreneurial spots

Pop The Questions

35 Smart things to ask before you buy a franchise.


Bright Ideas
Creating a prototype that will wow investors.
Business Buzz
Entrepreneurial Woman
Global Smarts
Consumers worldwide are thirsty for American beers.
Home Inc.
Mothers and daughters learn how to run a small business.
Travel Smarts
Two catalogs offer travel products for time-crunched entrepreneurs.
Building Blocks
How many hours will you commit to your new start-up business?
Computer Ease
A myriad of convenient business counseling awaits you online. Here's where.
Home Front
Where to find the funds to finance your homebased business.
Money Matters
These new accounts offer tax benefits, lower premiums and better financial health.
Starting Smart
Your source for small-business news, reviews, trends and troubleshooting.
Youre The Boss
These do-it-yourself advertising tips can save you money.
Bulletin Board
Commerce Business Daily Goes Online.
Business Hotline
Offering stock to management-level employees without putting your interests at risk.
Special Events
Capitol Issues
A new deadline for electronic tax filing gives small businesses a break--for now.
Family Business
How to steer your business through a midlife crisis.
Leading Edge
Developing a two-tier marketing approach.
Protect your company against unnecessary lawsuits by monitoring employee e-mail.
Management Smarts
Conquer the tight labor market by retaining valuable workers.
Staff Smarts
Battling hostilities in the workplace.
Advertising Workshop
Using the before-and-after approach to grab readers' attention.
Guerrilla Marketing
17 ways to show your customers you care.
Marketing Edge
Advertising on cable television can help you flaunt your products for a whole new audience.
Marketing Smarts
Sales Success
Need to motivate your sales team? Try video training.
Fund Smarts
This large-blend fund bets on companies that reward shareholders.
Money Smarts
Personal Finance
Investing in stocks considered the dogs of an index won't have you chasing your tail.
Raising Money
Learning how to prepare for an IPO.
Stock Smarts
This stock finds its niche in the growing customer support software market.
Tax Talk
Congress and the White House go to work to simplify the tax code.
Opportunity Insider
Business Bytes
More than just the price you pay, consider technology's total cost of ownership.
Business Software
Before it steps into the spotlight, we take a sneak peek at Windows 98.
Buyers Guide
Color copiers give customers one more reason to choose you over the competition.
Tech Smarts
Web Smarts
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