Inside the September 1998 Issue
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Off The Map

Specialty tour operators serve up travel with a twist.

How To: Buy Equipment

Get the most for your money without shopping 'til you drop.

Here Come The Profits

Making wedding dreams come true is a piece of cake for bridal consultants.

Station Breaks

More than $40 million in sales...for a mop? In the unconventional, red-hot medium of direct-response TV, entrepreneurial stars are being born at a breathtaking clip. Are you ready for your close-up?

Soft Sell

The latest Dun & Bradstreet survey reveals why entrepreneurs are doing such a poor job marketing their businesses. Think you don't have enough money--or time--to do better? Think again.

Taking Stock

When investment analyst Larry Wachtel talks, people listen. Well, he is the "Voice of Wall Street."

Small Change

While the number of approved microloans is up 25 percent, it's still not easy to get money-but it's not impossible. Let these entrepreneurs share their true stories.


Business Buzz

Child's Play

Kids are shaping up.
Entrepreneurial Woman

Team Effort

Businesses unite to fight the millennium glitch.
Global Smarts

Currency Events

Is your business ready for the euro?

Electric Avenues

Telecommunications reform breaks down old barriers and creates new opportunities.

Style And Substance

Success is in the bag.

Healthy Returns

Small businesses cheer the 100 percent health insurance deduction.

On With The Show

Family business takes to the stage.

Quick Fix

New procurement rules aim to level the playing field.

Working-Class Dog

Open dog policies are good for business.
Travel Smarts

Bed, Breakfast & Business

More business travelers favor small inns.
Up and Coming

In The Balance

Young women and minorities find success in the face of economic disparity.
Small Talk

All Aboard

Snowed under, get carded, country livin'.
Smart Ideas

Filling A Knead

Rub it in, for pets' sake, cut the fat.
Software Solutions

Found Money

Seeking financing? Boost your chances with these software programs.
Youre The Boss

Warning Signs

Spot bad attitudes with these sure-fire interview techniques.
Beating The Odds

Windows Of Opportunity

An alcoholic-turned-window-cleaner gives new meaning to the phrase clean and sober.
Bright Ideas

What Price Protection?

Want to secure your invention with a patent? It's going to cost you.
Bulletin Board

Save Energy, Save Money

Resources for Entrepreneurs.
Trade Shows

Special Events

Mark Your Calendars
Whats Hot

No Pain, Big Gain

How do back products retailers spell relief? S-A-L-E-S.
Cutting Edge

Words To Live By

A catch phrase conveys the vision of your business--to employees and to customers.
Family Business

Stay In Touch

How to keep senior family members involved.

Ground Rules

How to sponsor a company sports team without losing your jersey.
Management Smarts

Game Over

Office betting pools can land you in hot water.
Your Business

Say It Ain't So

What to do when a valuable employee quits.
Advertising Workshop

How To . . .

The phrase that's launched a million ads still reels prospects in.
Guerrilla Marketing

Need To Know?

In the information age, knowledge is your best weapon.
Marketing Smarts

Vintage Appeal

Breathing new life into an old product.
Sales Success

Word Travels Fast

Use secrecy, scarcity and the cool factor to spark a buzz about your product.
Tips and Tactics

Food For Thought

Making the most of mealtime meetings.
Fund Smarts

Happy Medium

Mid-cap fund takes it slow and steady.
Money Smarts

Inside Information

What makes a venture capitalist tick?
Personal Finance

False Moves

Beware of the 10 most common investing mistakes.
Raising Money

In The Rough

Studies show fast-growing companies across the nation face a crippling capital shortfall. Here's what these firms can do to find the cash they need.
Opportunity Article

Learning Curve

34 training franchises
Business Bytes

Crash Course

What you can do to ensure your business comes out of a data disaster alive.
Business Software

Lingo Stars

Site-seeing on the World Wide Web? Better take along your translator.
Buyers Guide

How Low Can They Go?

Today's PCs offer all the basics for less than $1,000.
Tech Smarts

Hit List

The Senate cracks down on spam.

Straight To Video

State-of-the-art tech tools.
Web Smarts

Making Overtures

Fast new browser, survey your customers, online retail shops.
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