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Inside the February 1999 Issue


Broken Wing

Boston Market was supposed to be the McDonald's of the '90s. So why did the home-meal-replacement pioneer end up laying an egg?

Digital Darwinism

Is e-tail the death of retail as we know it?

Going Down?

The rumors of our economy's impending demise may be greatly exaggerated--but that doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare for the worst.

Loser Chic

In the new economy, losers are winners and failures are fawned over (well, sometimes). Is business failure the new cool?

Eve Of Destruction?

OK, your computer may not self-destruct when Y2K hits, but plenty of problems await. Here's your step-by-step disaster plan.

Ready For Takeoff

Mission, possible: It's easier than ever to launch your new business, thanks to business incubators that help start-ups fly.

How To Do Everything Better

.and let nothing stand in your way.


Business Buzz
Where's the beef?
Columns Article
Whatever happened to the hottest meal in town?
Columns Article
When taking care of the community means taking care of business.
Columns Article
Put your best business face forward.
Columns Article
A new law may finally help entrepreneurs get more government work.
Entrepreneurial Woman
Summit outlines plan to accelerate growth of women-owned firms.
Global Smarts
For businesses seeking foreign partners with strong economies and fluid trade, the EU may be the place.
Are dire economic predictions scaring lenders? It depends on who you talk to.
Rising Stars
It's all in the presentation.
Travel Smarts
Hotel bonuses for business owners.
Get the lowdown on news, trends, programs and more.
Business Opportunities
Juice it up, tag team, Vegas on video, cash in on cookies
Hard facts on the latest software
How to sell more product with less effort
Money Matters
Send me an angel, cyberscams, tomorrow's tax tips today
Sales And Marketing
Why image is everything
Get the lowdown on news, trends, programs and more.
Beating The Odds
The location had seen three businesses come and fail. The restaurateurs were inexperienced fledglings. How then did Just Fresh grow into a $4 million chain?
Bright Ideas
Resources to protect yourself against scams and legal thieves.
Bulletin Board
Bank offers health insurance.
Trade Shows
Mark your calendar.
Cutting Edge
Looking for a new way to get your employees thinking? Puzzles could produce the results you want.
Family Business
Keep the peace! Written policies help family businesses stay on the right track!
Y2K is everywhere--but in your insurance coverage.
Watch out! More and more business decisions can land you behind bars.
Management Smarts
Making bad first impressions? Didn't anybody ever teach you any manners?
Staff Smarts
Hesitant about hiring older workers? Then you're ignoring a talented labor pool.
Your Business
Office condos: The middle ground between paying rent and dealing with property.
Advertising Workshop
Seeking inspiration for lively ad copy? Try hitting the newsstand.
Marketing Smarts
Playing with food for fun and profit.
Sales Success
Your customers have something to complain about, so why don't they?
Tips and Tactics
Staying in touch with your VIPs means better relationships . . . and more business.
Fund Smarts
Being a winner takes more than a top rating.
Money Smarts
Need short-term financing fast? Try factoring.
Raising Money
These six capital-raising mistakes can land your proposal in an investor's circular file.
Tax Talk
The tax benefits of MSAs may boost your immunity against the health-care blues.
Franchise News
For this senior-care provider, profit starts at home.
Opportunity Article
Dialing up profits.
Opportunity Article
Travel academies, franchise stuff, new recruits.
Opportunity Article
10 great ways to find the business of your dreams
Opportunity Article
Think art and entrepreneurship don't mix? The secrets of one designer's success.
Opportunity Article
New directions.
Opportunity Article
Our top minority entrepreneur of the year.
Opportunity Insider
New financing program makes franchise start-ups simpler.
Business Bytes
Need more function in your network? New tech products have made getting it simple and inexpensive. The only question is whether you have enough wall sockets.
Entrepreneurs are on the screen--and technology scene--thanks to user-friendly videoconferencing.
Tech Smarts
Online ads could benefit your business--but you have to know what you're doing.
State-of-the-art tech tools.
Web Smarts
Online background checks, mailing list distribution.
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