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Inside the September 1999 Issue


Speed Freaks

There's e-commerce and e-mail and virtual this and virtual that and if you don't grab that third cup of espresso and kick yourself into overdrive to get your business up to speed, you can bet you'll get left in the dust.

Tween Beat

Here's marketing to you, kids; why increasing numbers of entrepreneurs are selling their sights on preteen consumers.

You Got Personality

. . .and you got a business. Business coach Lois Frankel reveals how to strike a balance between the two.

Playing To Win

Do you think like a champ? Coach Mike Shanahan of Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos fame offers winning strategies to keep you on top of your business game.

Future Shift

The population is changing quicker than you can say `census'. Are you ready for the next wave of consumers?

Thou Shalt Not. . .

You may not always obey the Ten Commandments, but you'd better follow these 3 cardinal laws of Web site design.

The Home Zone

So you want to start a homebased business but don't know where to begin? These entrepreneurs discovered buying a business opportunity can be an easy way to get started.

Keeping Your Cool

You're either cool or you're not. If you are, here's how to make the most of it.


Business Buzz
. . . and we're not talking champagne.
Columns Article
It takes a child at heart to build a children's phenomenon.
Columns Article
Don't let the name fool you. Frozen foods are hot.
Entrepreneurial Woman
One woman's turbulent quest for funding
U.S. tech businesses find foreign soil is fertile soil.
There's only one Silicon Valley, but hopes of being Silicon Something has tech communities popping up nationwide.
Travel Smarts
With no batteries required and a price that's right, day-planners hold their own.
Get the lowdown on news, trends, programs and more.
Hard facts on the latest software
Hot Biz
The bucks start here.
Scoring a small distributor
`Z' is for zero, to buy or not to buy, nix failure, How low can you go?
Fly high.
Beating The Odds
The money to pay the staff was a maybe. Her partner left her alone in the eats-entrepreneurs-alive magazine industry. Could Pat Means survive, much less succeed? You better believe it.
Bulletin Board
Can you offer jobs in economically poor areas? This fund's looking for you.
Trade Shows
Mark your calendar.
Capitol Issues
As bogus lawsuits continue to rise, Congress fights to keep entrepreneurs out of court.
Cutting Edge
Engage customers with a taste of the unconventional.
Family Business
You've welcomed your kids into the family business--and you're ready to pull your hair out. Now what?
Coverage you can bank on?
Show a hearing-impaired applicant to the door and you could be slapped with a lawsuit, right? According to the Supreme Court, the answer lies in the definition of disability.
Management Smarts
Ahhhh! The answer to your employees' aches, pains and stress
Staff Smarts
Before an employee permanently parts company, listen up! The lowdown could make or break your business.
Your Business
Stepping in when a top employee's performance goes flat
Advertising Workshop
How do you sell a great gift idea? Enthusiasm!
Marketing Article
How to get what's coming to you
Marketing Smarts
It pays to get saucy.
Sales Success
Filling your customer service team with `mini salespeople'? Chances are, you're missing the mark.
Will out-of-this-world Internet stocks come crashing back to earth?
Money Smarts
You'll soon be able to score with your favorite star.
Tax Talk
The fact that the Internet is generating huge profits hasn't slipped by the taxman. Find out which rules affect your e-commerce business.
Biz 101
Have a bunch of great business ideas but still no business? Well, what are you waiting for? It's time to make the leap from armchair entrepreneur to the real deal.
Franchise News
Customers will take this pizza and shove it . . .in their ovens.
Opportunity Article
Kids aren't just our future--they're fueling a billion-dollar market that has nowhere to go but up.
Opportunity Article
Can't think of an original product? You don't have to. Making an existing product better could be your ticket to success.
Opportunity Article
. . . even when everyone says your business idea is crazy.
Opportunity Article
One university's popular franchise program takes its own advice.
Opportunity Article
From dishwasher to entrepreneur
Opportunity Article
Read all about the latest in newsstands.
Opportunity Article
Giving minorities, veterans and women a fair shot at franchising
Opportunity Insider
A Chem-Dry franchisee helps shelter residents make a fresh start.
Whats Your Problem
I need a high-speed phone line, but my office is in a residential zone.
Buyers Guide
Why settle for generic when you can have a computer customized to fit your needs?
How to get low long-distance rates on every call
Tech Smarts
New services allow you to send oversized files across the Net.
State-of-the-art tech tools
Web Smarts
Spruce up your banner ads or say goodbye to prospects.
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