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Inside the October 1999 Issue


No Rules

Color outside the lines. Read this article upside down and backwards. Break all the rules of business...and succeed anyway.

They've Got Mail

Want to power up your marketing plan? It's cheaper than you think. Send your business to the next level (and save some trees) with an e-mail newsletter.

Top This!

Deep-dish, gourmet, stuffed or extra-thin--no matter how you slice it, pizza delivers profits for entrepreneurs. Here's how to get your piece of the pie.

To Your Health

Is your business killing you? How to break your bad habits and pick up better ones.

Are You Satisfied?

No, we're not talking about the big meal you had a few hours ago. We're talking turn-of-the-century, down-to-the-nitty-gritty, is-my-business-everything-i-hoped-it'd-be satisfied.

May I?

Get your business in front of consumers the Seth Godin--author and marketer extraordinaire--way.

Hot Cities

Smart moves for entrepreneurs on a quest to find the perfect location.


Business Buzz
Adventure-lovers stoke a demand for survival gear.
Columns Article
Nothing temp about it
Columns Article
Hmm? Where's the paper? Welcome to e-literature.
Columns Article
Getting a read on the success of BookTalk
So many countries, so little time . . .
Do the topics of minimum wage and health care automatically get your blood boiling? Maybe it's time to step back and think about more than your bottom line.
Travel Smarts
Your innkeeper knows more about you than you think.
What you can learn from one woman's loan fiasco
Get the lowdown on news, trends, programs and more.
Hard facts on the latest software
The latest and greatest high-tech tools and gadgets
Hot Biz
The scoop on starting your own magazine
Got big ideas? Make money the easy way: Sell them to others.
Stock up, the new IRS, cut costs online
Health insurance--why you need it, where to get it
Spies like you, street-smart marketing
Beating The Odds
If you think your problems are insurmountable, imagine maintaining your customer base from a hospital bed--broken leg, crushed voice box and all.
Bulletin Board
Help--both state and private--is on the way for a variety of financial needs.
Trade Shows
Mark your calendar.
Capitol Issues
Tax cuts here, managed care there: Bits of bills push their way through Congress.
Cutting Edge
Suspicious not all areas of your company are bringing in a profit? Break it down with activity-based costing.
Family Business
Prevent your board members from jumping ship.
Audits for your own good
Drawing up a contract with your Web site developer? Fight for your rights before the battle breaks out.
Management Smarts
Find out what OSHA thinks of your business before you're inspected.
Staff Smarts
No more teachers, no more books. Welcome to the wide world of online learning.
Your Business
Meetings not as productive as they should be? Make a party of them.
Advertising Workshop
Your claims are most persuasive coming from the mouths of happy customers.
Fast Pitch
8 marketing mistakes you can't afford to make
Marketing Article
Turn the tables on intimidators.
Marketing Smarts
Silent marketing tools that appeal to the senses
Sales Success
Many entrepreneurs are consumed with putting price tags on their products or services. But at what cost to their businesses?
Fund Smarts
Like taking chances? The tide could be turning in the Land of the Rising Sun.
Money Smarts
The ups and downs of juggling more than one bank
Raising Money
Where to turn when your money-raising dilemma is more than you can face alone
Tax Talk
Feel defenseless against Uncle Sam? New regulations could make S corps better protection for your assets.
Biz 101
Connect with a government contract, and you could make the sale of the century.
Bright Ideas
Possibly your entire image. Before you rush to get your product on the market, take the time to choose the right name.
First Steps
Turning your hobby into a profitable business.
Franchise News
Child care isn't just baby-sitting anymore.
Opportunity Article
Think you're entitled to an exclusive territory? Think again.
Opportunity Article
Own your own tropical island.
Opportunity Article
Staffing franchises put you in the people business.
Opportunity Insider
I scream, you scream, we all scream for social responsibility.
Whats Your Problem
My design is ready for the world. Now what?
Buyers Guide
The skinny on the latest generation of mininotebook computers
The only thing better than being a computer geek is picking the brain of one.
Worldwide telephony standards are on the way.
Net Profits
Want your customers to visit your site again and again? Keep them tuned in with message boards and valuable information.
Tech Smarts
Forget the hassles of licensing software. Feel free to play with the programming. And hey, there's no purchase cost.
State-of-the-art tech tools
Web Smarts
Get a handle on your site's bells and whistles.
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