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Ready Or Not?

Do you have what it takes to join Generation Entrepreneur?

The Glamorous Life

Bar-hopping, club-going and playing with makeup can pay off. Just ask these entrepreneurs, whose sparkling success proves all that glitters is gold.

Fast Pitch

You want attention, and you want it now. Get it—instantly—with today's smartest PR tactic.

Where Are The Riot Grrls?

Times are better than ever for entrepreneurial women. So why aren't more of them in your face?

Easy As $1K-$2K-$3K

Shopping to equip your start-up office? Look no further: We've got 3 smart setups for entrepreneurs on a budget.

No Guts, No Glory?

Selling audaciously is sometimes the best way to lure clients and investors to your business. But when do your words and promises cross the line?

Zero Hour

Y2K is nearly upon us. Not worried? According to Y2K crisis expert Edward Yardeni, you should be.

Hot Stuff

Millions of people: How do you get to them? Endless opportunities: How do you take advantage of them?



Turn Up The A/C

These trends are hot, hot, hot.

Ones To Watch

Which industries will sizzle in 2000--and beyond? Best bets for going international

Entrepreneur Of The Millennium: Bill Gates

He's redefined wealth, technology, information and society. So what comes next? Watch out, 2999! This one may just repeat.

Get With The Spirit

'Tis the season to spoil your employees with something special.

Wild, Wild West

Wait! The gold rush isn't over yet!

Life's A Bitch, Then You Get Rich

Get the lowdown on news, trends, programs and more

What's Up, Doc?

Hard facts on the latest software

Picture Perfect

The latest & greatest high-tech tools and gadgets
Hot Biz

Chic To Chic

Turn style into sales with a clothing-design company.
House Rules

Harried, With Children

Coping with kids; take our going-solo quiz

Music For The Masses

Orchestrating the transition from small inventor to big business

Share And Share Alike

Sub-debt loans, price points, capitalist pigs unite, perfecting proposals

Lighten Up!

Show of lights, squeeze play, chakra cosmetics
Wise Buys

The Replacements

Make your one-and-only a laptop
Beating The Odds

Living On The Edge

On the verge of bankruptcy . . . on the verge of freezing . . . on the verge of multimillion-dollar success--take your pick.
Bulletin Board

Ohio & Pennsylvania

Get a variety of business services from your . . . power company?
Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Mark your calendar.
Capitol Issues

Indecent Proposal

Changes to OSHA's consultation program could mean trouble for entrepreneurs.
Cutting Edge

Friendly Competition?

Don't count on it. If you do, your rivals might just steal your customers from under your nose.
Family Business

The Main Attraction

As appealing as the cozy atmosphere of a family business may be, you can't beat incentives for hooking good managers.

Someone On Your Side

A public adjuster can get you through a sticky insurance claim.

Global Defense

One Net side effect: worldwide legal worries
Management Smarts

Fliers Away

Reach potential employees any way you can.
Staff Smarts

Huddle Up!

Hey, coach! No, your employees don't need a swift kick in the butt to reach their goals; they just need some personal attention.
Your Business

Make Like Magellan

The best workers for your business aren't necessarily in your neighborhood. They may not even be on your continent.
Advertising Workshop

Hidden Treasure

Your best possible headline may lay unnoticed--seek it out.
Fast Pitch

Straight To The Source

What has your marketing done for you lately? Don't worry--help is on the way.
Marketing Smarts

Oh, Behave!

Minding your manners in business correspondence
Real Deal

Last But Not Least

Whether in desperation or by design, the final offer is one of the strongest--and trickiest--plays in deal-making.
Sales Success

Under The Big Top

P.T. Barnum was more than master of the show; he may very well have been the greatest salesman on earth.

Grow Into It

Emerging growth is risky. But it may be worth it.
Money Smarts

CIA Inc.

Latest cover for the intelligence agency: business developer
Raising Money

It Ain't Over . . .

The IPO may be a done deal--but wait! You're not finished yet.
Tax Talk

December, Already?

It's not too late to trim this year's tax bill. And it's definitely not too early to start on 2000's.
Biz 101

Tricks Of The Trade

Cash for goods? Cash for services? You're throwing too much cash around. Listen up.
First Steps

College Prep

Need start-up help? Give your business some class.
Franchise Focus

Can You Compute?

Service, sales, miscellaneous--if you haven't heard, the computer industry is pretty hot.

It's In The Game

Even if you haven't got a golden arm or a deadeye shot, you can still make a name for yourself in sports.
Opportunity Article

Easy Does It

As the number of two-income families and stressed-out singles multiplies, businesses that make life simpler are set to skyrocket.
Opportunity Article

Student Affair

Teen entrepreneurs compete for cash.
Opportunity Article

Straight To Video

Cameras, cameras everywhere--what happens to all those videos?
Whats Your Problem

Speak Up!

What's the word on business seminars?
Buyers Guide

Get Your Clicks

Make way for the next generation of multifunction pointing devices.

Tech 2000

New year, new millenium, new resolutions . . . how about a new computer?

Bite Your Tongue!

Or you'll end up paying for it.
Net Profits

Scram, Scam!

If you sell on the Web, know that fraud is part of the e-commerce game. Don't let thieves get the best of you.
Tech Smarts

Post Haste

If you've got a printer and Internet access, you've got postage.

Just Your Type

State-of-the-art tech tools

Fast Lane

Listen up, speed freaks!
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