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Inside the November 2001 Issue


Forever Young

Even a reluctant economy can't curb the drive and ambition of these young millionaires.

Natural Order

Customers get their products, clients get their services-but the environment is still waiting on its big shipment of respect.


On the road, in the air, in and out of hotels-with the right gear and the best deals, you'll forget that you even have an office.

It's a Gift

Grab your Santa suit and load your sack with all the useful gadgets and goodies that will help your clients remember you in the new year.

8 Ways to Make Your Startup Message Contagious

Implement these viral-marketing tactics, and the diagnosis will be strictly incurable success.


Be Your Own Boss Features
They may not have the numbers yet, but women are making waves in the traditionally all-boy world of franchising.
Be Your Own Boss Features
If you see it's got plenty of potential, you can get that clunker of a business off the lot and running in no time.
Biz 101
You don't have to make things to make money. Just help people get things done and rake in the bucks!
Biz 101
Sure, employees would be nice. But what kind and what for?
It's your best product. Actually, it's your only product. But you can still get big retailers to take notice.
This franchisee didn't just wing it: He learned how to run a fast-food restaurant by working there first.
Buy homes, fix 'em, sell 'em: How these franchisees make money
Offering an alternative to high-priced hair color
Smart Ideas
Sure, Oprah cut the feet off her pantyhose, but she's not the one making money off 'em.
Whats Your Problem
Turn a 98-pound weakling business into a profit powerhouse in 3 easy steps!
Almost Famous
A presidential sex scandal got their nonprofit off the ground. Now their 300,000 politically conscious members keep it going.
Editors Note
Cover what you can't touch.
When it comes to what's in your employees' medical records, keep your questions to yourself. The less you know, the better.
Management Buzz
The case against employers winning discrimination lawsuits and how to rally your employees after a layoff
Smart Moves
When subsidiaries fail on their own, how do you bring them back into the fold?
Staff Smarts
Surveys show your techies are up to their necks in work and going under. Toss 'em a life raft or something, will ya?
Success Coach 2001
You'll have to work for it, but knowledge is your best shot at success.
No recount needed-this presidential doll made her maker a winner.
Marketing Buzz
Tattoos: the new deal-closers, and the marketing benefits of event sponsorships
Real Deal
The art of negotiating, tinseltown style
Sales Force
Every customer's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed salesperson.
Sales Success
Catchy phrases become clich�s because they're true. Take a look at these 6 sales maxims and see if you agree.
How to get customers buzzing about your business
Dollar Signs
Is your business a revolving door for limited partners? As long as the money is there, don't worry if they come and go as they please.
Ultra-small caps by the handful
Money Buzz
Smart stock tips in a bear market and a new private placement exchange for businesses seeking capital
Raising Money
You need experience to hit up investors, but no one said it had to be your own.
Tax Talk
Saving for schooling now can be tax-free.
Biz Travel
Tips for getting on that flight before next Christmas
Hey, watch where you're going, buddy! Opportunity abounds on the road ahead.
Brand Aid
Want a grown-up company? Get a grown-up marketing strategy.
Capitol Issues
Congress may offer a guide through the labyrinth of federal regulations.
New extreme sports, modernized pogo sticks and owls as the latest home décor motif
Hot Seat
A surefire way to learn the value of listening: Give the incessant chatter a break.
It Figures
An increase in health promotion programs, the effects of poor customer service and more
Smarts Features
Does outsourcing leave your computer system wide open to hackers?
Smarts Features
Lewdness and rudeness can be a mess for your business-even without mixed company.
Smarts Features
Offices may become a distant memory once the wide-open workplace comes to town.
Smarts Features
The e-mail font you choose says a lot about you.
Smarts Features
We help a 3-pot-a-day java junkie kick his habit-or at least postpone it for a week.
Smarts Features
Will the stock market suffer as boomers use investments to live on in retirement?
Smarts Features
Slow pay, bundled contracts, low profits . . . is government contracting even worth it?
Smarts Features
Send your PR operatives and undercover product lovers deep into customer territory.
Smarts Features
Investors don't just cut their losses and go home anymore-now they call their lawyers.
Smarts Features
Cut the technology budget--but don't let your business get stuck in the stone age.
29, editor-in-chief and publisher of Synthesis Weekly in Chico, California
Tech Toy
The 3-in-1 PC-EPhone can help you consolidate your gadgets.
Cut what you spend on gas by cutting the gas you spend.
The right relationship with a corporate insider can bring out the best in both worlds.
Buyers Guide
They're affordable and easy on the eyes-literally. What's not to love about LCDs?
Cool Clicks
Get a second opinion on your Web site plus business studies and reports from Amazon
Digital Edge
Low energy costs and falling prices are on your side if you choose LCDs over CRTs.
A new 100GB hard drive and the latest WAP-enabled phone for worldwide communications
Hot Disks
A word processor for Palm-based handhelds, keeping tabs on your employees' whereabouts and more
Net Profits
Entrepreneurs are buying prime locations in search-engine results. Should you?
Tech Buzz
Flat-panel monitors of the future and why tech is hot in the nation's capital
Talk on the phone without moving your lips.
Which Americans use mobile technology the most?
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