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Inside the August 2005 Issue


Behind the Magic

How do stellar sellers work their magic? From the first cold call to closing the deal, discover the top sales secrets of some seriously successful salespeople.

Say It Isn't So

Are these 12 media myths killing your public relations plan? Find out how to get media-savvy--fast.


Be Your Own Boss Features
Tag along with these 3 franchisees for a day, and see what it's really like to own a franchise.
Be Your Own Boss Features
Targeting a narrow customer base with a niche business could be your key to success.
Biz 101
Work full time? Still want to start a business? You can make it work.
Biz 101
Knowing what startup advice to take and to toss is important. Hear what others live by.
Biz 101
This boot camp makes starting a catering company a little easier.
Biz 101
Special programs are fighting for veterans starting businesses.
Biz U
Providing services for fellow students can be a very smart business move.
A local buying program could be the key to getting your product on the shelves of major merchandisers.
Getting laid off from his corporate job gave this franchisee a fresh start.
A mom looking to foster her kids found a solution in franchising.
Off to a running start
Smart Ideas
Storage solutions, creative coffee and more
Success Coach
Remove barriers to your big dreams by following these simple steps.
Whats Your Problem
Don't let a successful first year distract you from attracting new customers.
Biz Travel
Get hotel ratings from people who have actually stayed there.
Find out now how technology will evolve in the coming years.
Capitol Issues
A new bill could help small companies pump up tax deductions.
Forward Features
Can American entrepreneurs help solve social ills?
Forward Features
A new law aims to protect you from class-action suits.
Forward Features
If funding for small business investment companies dries up, who will suffer?
Forward Features
The winner of our ugliest logo contest gets a new look.
Forward Features
If the coffeehouse is your office, order up some manners.
Forward Features
U.S. companies find new opportunities by partnering with Israeli firms.
Forward Features
Microsoft aims to serve up support for small businesses with a new training program.
Forward Features
Can employers meet Muslims' requests in the workplace?
Forward Features
Running low on rest? Learn how others cope with fatigue.
Forward Snapshot
A good sense of style--and smell--helped a candle-maker fire up his business.
It Figures
Increased compensation, environmentally friendly products and more
Tech Toy
Get six gadgets in one with this nifty digital camera.
You don't have to break the bank to get one of these luxury sedans.
How women business owners can conquer low self-esteem
Almost Famous
The shoe fit for this fashion maven when it came to designing sky-high heels.
Editors Note
Don't fall into the trap of lying about your competitors, and don't just take it if they lie about you.
Websites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
Lead Buzz
Redefining medical leave, unhappy employees and more
Lead Snapshot
Lingering behind put this couple ahead of their competition in a new market.
Is a misogynistic manager liable for harassment?
Real Deal
Keep bullies at bay with these negotiating tips.
Smart Moves
The call center may become a thing of the past--home-shoring is poised to make its mark on the economy. What's in it for you?
Staff Smarts
Pick-your-own mentor programs help new employees move ahead.
Dollar Signs
More big companies are refusing to give Wall Street quarterly earnings guidance. Should small firms jump on the bandwagon, too?
A buy-and-hold approach keeps this tech fund going strong.
Is your health policy legit?
Money Buzz
New access to VC funding, foreign real estate and more
Money Snapshot
Surviving rapid top-line growth requires a bottom-line focus to keep things under control.
Personal Finance
Mutual fund companies are finally beginning to reduce their fees, but you may not feel much of a difference.
Raising Money
Whether you're having a capital crisis or need funds to support growth, your customers may be an unexpected financing source.
Tax Talk
The tax side of car expenses
Ad Wisdom
Create a tag line that stands out from the competition.
Dig deep to show customers you appreciate them.
Net Sales
Have a great e-newsletter, but not enough people to share it with? Build your subscriber list with a co-registration campaign.
Retail Register
Get more from your store with a software solution.
Sales Success
To really make an impression on your customers, don't just memorize a sales pitch--let them see your heart and soul.
Sell Buzz
Sell your stuff at parties, online advertising and more
Sell Snapshot
Can a controversial ad get customers to notice your great offer? It worked for this company.
When and where does your advertising work best? Use these contextual-advertising tips to set the scene and snag prospective buyers.
Buyers Guide
Speed up your network's performance with a fast Ethernet switch
Have an emergency plan while VoIP providers work on 911 shortcomings.
Digital Edge
Watch your step--pharming scams are lurking around every corner.
Editors Picks
Create perfect office documents
Take professional-grade photos with this lightweight digital camera
Net Profits
Ready to take your e-tail site to the next level? Get out of the virtual realm and into the brick-and-mortar marketplace for maximum profit.
Tech Buzz
Pint-size PCs, e-mail for dummies and more
Tech Snapshot
Tae Kwon Do-practicing techies harness the power of martial arts to solve problems.
Wireless webcams give you a better view of your business.
Synchronization services can keep your contacts safe.
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