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Inside the April 2008 Issue


Work Smarter

With increasingly sophisticated offerings, web applications are a smart choice for any business. You can collaborate, store and save from anywhere in the world. Not sure which web apps are right for you? Here are some of our favorites.

Hit the Books

Earning an MBA is a great way to beef up your business know-how, whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner. Check out The Princeton Review's list of top-ranked schools to find the program that's best for you.

Take It With You

Hard-traveling photography and digital media entrepreneur Danya Henninger, co-founder of Imagic with her husband Mark, makes the most of web apps both old and new. She took time out to discuss her must-have online applications.


Almost Famous
A model-turned-jeweler discovers what women want--and a successful business.
Doing Good
Ron Gonen says his first meeting with a potential customer wasn't a hard sell. He's the founder and CEO of RecycleBank, a rewards company that motivates people to recycle.
Dont Miss
Head to D.C. and New York for information and inspiration.
Edge Features
Don't be afraid to spoon-feed your employees tips about proper diet.
Edge Features
Sure, wine has been hot for a few years now--but the latest trend is hobnobbing with clients at wine-tasting establishments like wineries and wine bars.
Edge Features
We took to the streets to see how entrepreneurs are coping with the credit crunch.
Edge Features
Spruce up your work--and your life--with these nifty office tools and supplies.
Edge Features
Want the right employee without paying the big bucks? can help.
Edge Features
Serial entrepreneurs reveal that growing and selling a company is a business in itself.
Edge Features
Think your idea sounds too crazy to work? Think again.
Edge Features
It's cool to care about the environment, and technology manufacturers are making it easier than ever for green-conscious entrepreneurs to buy more environmentally friendly, energy-saving tech products.
Navigating uncharted territory? You've got options.
Volvo's best combines style and substance.
Why aren't more companies cashing in on the benefits of putting women in charge?
Commercial Vehicles
Whether you want a flex-fuel fleet, upfitted pickups or versatile vans, 2008's commercial vehicles have just what you need.
Commercial Vehicles
Get the money you need to put your team behind the wheel with financing programs.
Commercial Vehicles
Lessen your fleet's environmental tracks by opting for greener vehicles and fuels.
Commercial Vehicles
Whether you've got 3 or 30, there's a program to help you manage your vehicles.
Commercial Vehicles
Generous service plans and warranties can keep you covered on the road ahead.
Commercial Vehicles
Deck your fleet out in the latest racks, cabinets and gadgets to tote your business tools.
Rich Returns
Growing your business comes down to basic multiplication--just make sure you add in the human factor.
The estate tax may disappear in 2010. Keep your assets from doing the same by planning today.
Keeping up with the Jonesers
Wise Guy
Partnering is an art, so make sure everyone sees eye to eye with these 8 tips.
Don't wait until the last minute to save big on your 2008 taxes. Here's what to watch out for.
How will the economy affect your investments this year?
Raising Money
Ex-Im Bank financing lessens the risk of doing business abroad.
This savvy entrepreneur is out to prove that investing's for all ages.
The hunt for angel investors is tough enough. Finding one who offers more than money adds to the challenge--but it's worth it.
Biz U
"All-inclusive" entrepreneurship programs can get you connected--and your business going.
3 entrepreneurs tell how their companies earned a spot with the in crowd.
Here's how to get the media attention you've always wanted--the right way.
The big guys couldn't take the heat--can you rise to the occasion?
Money Matters
Startup capital may be as close as your accountant's rolodex.
Net Profits
Here's what every online alcohol startup needs to know.
Net Profits
Show your stuff with low-cost video ads.
A franchisee's success is out there for the whole world to see.
A kid-friendly hair salon left no doubt in one couple's minds: They wanted their turn in the chair.
You've seen them on TV. Now meet them in person.
Smart Ideas
Amir Levin turned dinnertime turmoil into inspiration.
Smart Ideas
Keeping up with web lingo has helped this entrepreneur launch an accessory empire.
Smart Ideas
Here's how one entrepreneur keyed in on a rampant purse-digging problem.
Startup Features
Hungering to launch your own restaurant? Use these 7 tips to get your business started now.
Startup Features
The dining is in the details.
Startup Features
Don't let your winning concept make its way into someone else's restaurant. Here's how to hold on to what's yours.
Startup Features
Have a big helping of the top restaurant franchises for 2008.
Success Coach
Step away from the computer and give your business that personal touch.
Best Practices
Make your employees part of the solution by tapping them for environmentally friendly ideas.
This month's books can help you avoid myths and channel your stress.
Social networking has its own social dynamics. Here's how to navigate them.
Trust us--when going global, you don't want to make any of these 7 blunders.
If you want to market to women, ground your message in reality.
The end of the deal is near. Get ready to close--or to ditch it altogether.
In the face of a regional slowdown, Jamie Merida went back to where he started.
Strategy Buzz
How can you reach out to this fast-growing group of consumers?
Work Force
Depressed workers bring the whole company down, so get them the help they need.
Buyers Guide
Shopping for a new router? Check out the latest advances in Wi-Fi.
This budget-friendly VOIP system beckons.
Digital Edge
What's new in online video viewing? The answer is crystal clear.
Editors Pick
Need help keeping your audience captive?
Wondering how LG's Voyager stacks up against the iPhone? Wonder no more.
Michael Fertik Gives clients peace of mind by keeping their online images squeaky-clean.
Tech Buzz
How one man's company caught Yahoo's eye.
Tech Buzz
With a virtual warehouse service, all you have to lose are rent and delivery costs.
Cell phone companies are starting to free up their networks. Here's the latest on the liberation.
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