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Inside the February 2009 Issue


Laid Off in 2008? Start a Business in 2009

3 budding entrepreneurs share how they made the most of their recent job losses.

What You Can Learn From...

The most valuable business lessons can be found in the places you'd least expect.

Five Great--and Necessary--Marketing Makeovers

From logos to retail locations, these businesses upped their image from so-so to stunning.

Recruiting 2.0

How entrepreneurs are using social networking, blogging and other internet tools to hire the best employees

Special Report: Innovate In a Recession

If the downturn is hurting your entrepreneurial spirit, we have good news for you: Recessions are historically ripe with opportunity for innovation. Don't believe us? Read on.

A Historical Perspective

Some of the most innovative ideas have emerged during times of economic duress.


Build a Website
It's never too early to integrate social networking into your website. In fact, the sooner, the better.
Build Your Brand
4 key metrics can help you determine if your brand-building is working.
College and Startups
Your business can be up and running before you don a cap and gown if you cash in on your network.
Doing Good
These entrepreneurs help companies become teams, and they make it easy to give back.
Employee X
You may be in the interviewer's seat, but keep in mind that you need to make a good first impression, too.
Finance for Startups
Raising money in a recession is beyond difficult. Look in these places, because getting started now is a great idea.
Not all of the names may be familiar, but these franchise systems are growing and looking for franchisees.
Franchise Ink
Biggby Coffee founder Bob Fish believes in management by walking around. And it's working.
Going Forward
It's tempting to answer a competitor's ad campaign, but stick to what makes you unique.
Going Forward
The generation is affected by current conditions, but members will stay true to their characteristics.
Going Forward
The barriers to entry are daunting, but the DNA market provides opportunities.
Going Forward
Wall Street may be taking its lumps, but tech is flourishing in the Big Apple.
Going Forward
Business vocabulary keeps growing. Here's a primer on the latest terminology.
Going Forward
Know your communications options when you travel.
How To
Sometimes buzz happens. Most times, however, you need to create it.
Lead Strong
Pay-for-performance structures are enjoying a resurgence.
Make The Sale
When learning and action are working in unison, they create the opportunity for sales success.
Money Department
The VC community overseas is smaller than the U.S., but it is looking for U.S.-based companies.
Money Department
Selling to a larger company is now the way to go. Know how to guide your company to a great sale.
Money Department
Here are some tips for growing without an external cash infusion.
A former football player never envisioned owning a men's hair salon. But now he's glad he does.
Personal Finance
Entrepreneurs with asset liquidity will be able to get loans in a tough environment.
Start It Up
When starting a business, it's important to know when to hold tight and when to let go.
Start It Up
Here are three steps entrepreneurs can take to have sustainable practices from the get-go.
Start It Up
Especially at startup, negative PR can be bad. Find out how to handle it before it does any damage.
Straight Talk
Look for three factors before making a decision on a new ally.
Tech Department
Four companies have new-and-improved laptops for biz owners.
Tech Department
The search giant debuts its own browser.
Tech Department
A partnership with Google may pay off for late-to-the-3G-game T-Mobile.
Cyndee Sugra, 30, started her digital design and marketing firm, Studio 7 Media, in the middle of the dotcom crash. Last year, her Los Angeles-based company hit sales of $8 million.
The Innovators
They're just your average tech moguls--saving the world, one power strip at a time.
The Success Coach
Let your employees, contractors and consultants know your success is their success.
VC Insider
Don't blow a financing opportunity by approaching the wrong source.
Web Department
Whether it's payment options or collaboration that's on your mind, we've got you covered.
Web Department
The language of technology moves as fast as the technology itself. Here's a roundup of the latest terms.
Web Department
Potential viewers: millions. Potential cost: next to nothing. Online videos are worth a look.
Wise Guy
Guy Kawasaki offers a look at the meanings behind what VCs say.
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