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Inside the March 2013 Issue


The Next Mogul

He missed his shot at Olympic gold, his football career was sidelined by injuries. He has dabbled in modeling and TV presenting. Now, the golden boy may have finally found his footing, in what once would have seemed an unlikely arena: entrepreneurship.

The Art of Leadership: 10 Trailblazers on What it Takes to Lead

Words of wisdom from influential leaders from Napoleon to Sam Walton.

3 Traits That Can Make or Break a Businessperson

Self-made business people will tell you that it's not what you've done, but how you did it that matters most.

Radicals & Visionaries: Invention vs. Innovation

Is it better to improve on existing ideas or to start from scratch?

Walls of Fame

Rare was the '80s office without a motivational poster. We caught up with the man whose Successories had businesspeople hanging on every word.

Pop Psychology

Sure, there are motivational books and tapes to help you succeed in business. But what if you're in the mood to be inspired by something a little less in your face--and a little more entertaining? We got that.

Keep It Up

A motivational psychology expert suggests strategies to put into play once your initial enthusiasm about your startup starts to waver.

Command Performance

Influential leaders who have taken their companies to new heights through skillful command with a dynamic, collaborative approach share their thoughts on what makes a good leader.

Onward & Upward

Here's what you need to know to navigate the transition from working for someone else to being your own boss.

Disaster Response

Franchises played a major recovery role in the wake of Sandy, with corporate parents rallying to get local units running so they could help communities in need. Here's how some companies banded together to weather the storm.

How to Start a Bar

The owner of a trio of Irish pubs in New York City offers need-to-know tips and advice to aspiring bar owners.


Doing Good
The efforts of one small-business owner are drawing young creatives to Norfolk, Va.
Editor's Note
Editor-in-chief Amy Cosper on the many aspects of leadership.
Franchise Ink
The Beef Jerky Outlet, a 13-unit franchise sells over 200 varieties of small-batch jerky, including alligator, kangaroo and pheasant.
Lead Gen
Publishing is a privilege -- don't squander it. Follow the lead of marketing giants and produce content that will captivate audiences.
BikeCaffe, a British franchise concept, brings the coffee house to the customer.
The Ethics Coach
There's not always a clear-cut answer regarding the amount of responsibility you have to shoulder in every situation. This month our ethics coach tackles two tricky accountability issues.
Your Money
Applying the lease-or-buy question to business and pleasure.
A variety of fresh concepts are livening up franchising.
All Up In Your Business
Stop undervaluing your products and services, and look at what your pricing strategy really says about you.
Ask a Pro
How do you make sure new hires will mesh well with your other employees and with your company's culture?
Ask the Esquire Guy
Frank advice on the perfect mentoring relationship.
Business Unusual
After getting dumped, one entrepreneur founded I Do Now I Don't, an e-commerce site that turns heartbreak into cold hard cash.
Design It
Industry City Distillery's small-scale vodka starts with a well-designed manufacturing process.
The Incubators
VerbalizeIt facilitates global conversations with translators. Here's a look inside their time in the TechStars incubator program in Boulder, Colo.
The Suitcase Entrepreneur
Insider tips on how to visit in the big city for business, and maybe even enjoy yourself along the way.
Thought Leaders
True iconoclasts don't just happen upon a novel approach. Their brains are actually wired in a way that makes them more likely to take the road less traveled.
The founders of Clif Bar set out to fund more altruistic success stories with their venture capital firm White Road investments.
Ask the Money Guy
What you need to consider to keep your business up and running when forces beyond your control cause you to temporarily shut down your business.
Who Has VC?
Chris Anderson left one of the most prominent posts in tech media to become CEO of 3D Robotics, a company that helps hackers and engineers build do-it-yourself drones. Last fall he locked up a $5 million funding round.
College Startup
How three UPenn students created Airtime, a program that creates banners that turn e-mail signatures into branded messages.
Startup Finance
Seeds, a free mobile game, lets players build a virtual civilization while microfinancing women entrepreneurs in Kenya.
Wacky Idea
A trio of ad execs launches a line of air fresheners for modern men.
71lbs works with small businesses to make sure their shipments are taken care of.
Ask A Geek
The basics of digital wallets, and how will they impact your business.
Mobile Tech
Evan Owens designed Pogoseat, an app that helps fans at an event swap seats.
Shiny Objects
Tap into Microsoft's touch-driven operating system with these Windows 8 devices.
The Fix
A consignment store fights back against showrooming, with a new app called Swarm Mobile.
The Online Trep
Taplister helps customers and bartender up-to-date on what's being poured at their favorite bars.
Website to Watch
Storenvy mixes a no-cost e-commerce platform with community engagement.
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