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Next-gen Nightlife

The Melman siblings opened several bars and restaurants to revitalize their father's 42-year-old hospitality company Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises to appeal to younger clientele.

Local Hero

Darian Shirazi turned down a $35 million acquisition offer from Google, and leveraged his massive local database to provide real-time information for sales teams targeting the U.S. small-business market.

Beautiful Minds

The innovative cosmetic e-commence site, Birchbox is many things. For consumers, it's a chance to sample new products for a small fee and to replenish products they already enjoy, and for the founders, it's a platform that connects consumers and brands.

Video Star

Virool gives businesses a self-serve, social video advertising platform to help get the kind of exposure that only a viral hit can bring.

Healing and Dealing

Shradha Agarwal and Rishi Shah saw an untapped opportunity to bring video segments with tips on diet and exercise to patients in doctor office waiting rooms.

How to Innovate in E-commerce

Zappos Labs brings startup spirit to an online powerhouse.

What're You Wearing?

Our look at three of the top e-commerce clothing sites.

Playing for Keeps

Gamification, a principle for applying gameplay mechanics and theories to everyday problems, is growing in popularity. Here's how your small business can start playing.

Internal Rewards

In addition to helping business owners solve problems around customer engagement and retention, gamification can enhance staff relations.

The Accidental Disrupter

About 250,000 people use Dwolla, a payment network that charges just 25 cents for transactions of $10 or more. Dwolla's transactions on pace to total $1 billion in 2013.

Entrepreneurial Zen

Think entrepreneurship requires putting your personal life on hold and working 100 hours a week? Think again. We spoke to successful 'treps who've learned to prioritize life outside of work. Follow their strategies to find your own blissful balance.

5 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Don't want your business to wreak havoc on your health and well-being? By planning ahead and working smarter, you can avoid short-circuiting.

Turning on the Taps

By cutting out major food menus, these businesses let franchisees -- and their customers -- focus on what's truly important: what's in the glass.

How Corporate Incubators and Accelerators Work (Infographic)

An at-a-glance look at how corporate incubators and accelerators can help entrepreneurs


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Entrepreneurship: The Game

Your game is being an entrepreneur. And here are your badges.
Editor's Note

Yes, We Do Need Stinking Badges

Playfulness, as most entrepreneurs will tell you, can help alleviate the anxiety and stress that go hand-in-hand with owning a business.

Do It for the Children

Our ethics expert answers questions about online games, employee pay and more.
Franchise Ink

You Get the Picture

Photo booths are making a comeback, and the founder of the DVDNow Kiosks franchise, has created a touchscreen, open-air 'booth' that's connected to social media.

Inside Job

Can entrepreneurship thrive within corporate constructs? Here, the ins and outs of corporate incubators and accelerators--and why they should matter to you.

A Taste for Innovation

Bite-size advice from snack-food company marketing veteran Bonin Bough.
Lead Gen

What Not to Do

You work hard to build a reputation and generate positive word-of-mouth. But are you undermining your own efforts? Consider these common blunders.

Supersize Service

While the entire Wendy's franchise goes through a reboot, one franchise owner is taking an extra step, cleaning out dead weight and hiring almost 500 well-trained workers to Michigan restaurants.
Your Money

Family Planning

You don't want your family to fight after you're gone, and you don't want the IRS to claim more than is necessary during the transition. Here are a few basics rules of thumb for creating a succession plan.

Rough Waters

The cruise industry is awash in bad publicity. But franchisees have the resources needed to weather the storm.

The Personal Touch

Check out our list of the top service franchises that foster a one-on-one connection with clients.
All Up In Your Business

Stop It!

There are three situations guaranteed to land you and your business in the mud. The only way to get out is to see these problems for what they are and move forward. Ready?

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Cutting-edge technologies are making businesses more productive, we explain this hot new trend.
Ask a Pro

Dedicated to You

Keeping employees invested in their jobs and dedicated to the company vision is one of the seminal workplace -- and maybe the most misunderstood.
Ask the Esquire Guy

A Sorry State of Affairs

There is a right and wrong way to apologize and a right and wrong time to do it -- the Esquire guy breaks it down.
Business Unusual

The Gen X Box

Dream Arcades is the largest manufacturer of non-coin-operated arcade machines in the world. Last year the company broke $1 million in sales."Nostalgia sells," says co-founder Michael Ware.
Design It

A Site That Goes Down Smooth

Green Hat Gin blends old aesthetics with new technology for a stirring online experience.
The Traveler

Just Good Enough

Forget the superlatives. Business travel is about finding the path of least resistance.
Ask the Money Guy

Accounting for Growth

Some businesses use Intuit's popular software through every stage of growth, but it does have some drawbacks. As your business grows you may encounter these limitations.
Who Has VC?

Say Bye-bye to 'the check's in the mail'

The expense and time it takes to get money deposited can gouge a company's profit margins. Jay Bhattacharya decided to address nearly every pain point in the transaction process.

Object Lessons

A prototype is often the only way to know if your idea will fly, and if your startup is ready to launch.
College Startup

Something From Home

Regaalo, a web service that allows parents to send gifts to students, applies modern technology to an old-fashioned concept.
Startup Finance

Narrowing the Field

SeedInvest aims to make it easier for startups to stand out from the crowd and give accredited investors the highest caliber of companies from which to choose.
Wacky Idea

Put a Cork In It

Ben Hewitt created the Corkcicle to ensure "perfectly chilled wine every time."

Is That the Best You Can Do?

These days, everyone's a haggler. How to give your clients what they want without giving away the store.
Ask A Geek

The Big Picture

This powerful form of analytics can make your business look smarter.
Mobile Tech

Nice Play!

Former NFL assistant coach Charles Coiner launched FirstDown PlayBook DropBack for middle-school, high-school and college teams. The app has a database of more than 5,000 plays--many used in real-game situations.
The Online Trep

Space Invaders

PivotDesk wants to play matchmaker for office space, helping fledgling companies find the right digs by connecting them with other businesses that are locked into long-term leases and have floor space to spare.

No More Finder's Keepers

FinderCodes makes finding lost items as easy as scanning a code on your smartphone.

Easy Does It

Barley is a website-management program that allows entrepreneurs to undertake on-screen editing of their sites almost as easily as making changes to a Word doc.
The Fix

Calling the Shots

Using the RingRevenue platform, buyCalls was able to sniff out some major discrepancies in their campaigns.
Doing Good

She Wears the Pants

Red Ants workwear for women has a heavy-duty impact.

Beware the Living Dead

Entrepreneurs, beware: When a VC firm shuts down, the obligation to deliver a return on the investment rarely goes away.
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