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How can I collect money owed for work completed?

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I recently started a janitorial cleaning business. Our first job was subcontracted from another cleaning business. We completed three months of work and have yet to receive any payments for the total amount due of $5,400.

Two months ago I met with the cleaning contractor owner to come to an agreement. We signed a promissory note detailing a down payment and monthly payments to pay off the balance. I still haven't received any money. They will not answer any phone calls. What can I do to get the money owed?
Speak with a small claims attorney about how to take legal action against the cleaning contractor who is in breach of your agreement. You want to make sure that the agreement in the promissory note is spelled out clearly and that there can be no legal qualms with the language of the note. If you had a clear agreement, you may well have a compelling case in a small claims court.

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