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How do I find access to IT systems to allow for online scheduling on my side and online viewing of schedules by my clients?

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My business is scheduling-intense and coordinating events. I would like an online availability for my customers to view what is going on at my business in real time (with us having the ability to continuously update the information on our side). I do not know the software or have the programming know-how but need this to grow my business. We would also like online payments and allow for the customer to have privacy in their accounts. Please help!
Hi C.J. and thanks for your email. There are some very high-powered systems you could consider and then there are more low cost and simpler solutions.

For example, using Google calendar (, you can have a calendar and have clients get automatic updates to the calendar via RSS and email (so you have a double solution).

Microsoft's OfficeLive is another option. It has a schedule and calendar feature service. You might want to work with a local consultant to have them customize a solution for you as well.

37 signals ( makes great tools for scheduling and project coordination.

Webex Office ( is a powerful intranet which has calendaring and could have the tools for you. Another tool is Catalyst web.

These are a few options you might want to consider!

Ramon Ray

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