Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray is editor of SmallBizTechnology.com and author of Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses.

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Tools to Make Mobile Gadgets More Versatile

A roundup of accessories that can allow you to print, make presentations and digitize documents all from your business smartphone or tablet.

How to Secure Your Company's Valuable Devices

A look at six tools to help keep your offices, and the equipment inside them, safe.

Three Issues to Consider Before Moving to the Cloud

As more businesses are moving data online, here are some of the top security issues to examine before making the jump yourself.

Five Rules for 'Bring Your Own Device' Teams

As more employees use their personal smartphones and other tools for work, answering these questions can help determine if the risks might be worth the gain.

Can an All-In-One Computer Give Your Business an Edge?

These computers have been around for years, but today they're cheaper, more powerful, and many come with touch screens. Here are three reasons they can also be good for business.

Google's Chromebook: The Great and the Not So Great for Your Business

The new notebook computer isn't for everybody, but our reviewer has become a fan after using it for several weeks.

Boost Your Company's Image With Video

It's easier than ever to create and share, so get rolling.

Become a Mobile Money-Making Machine

When you combine a netbook with hosted applications, you can take your business everywhere you go.

Google Voice Simplifies Phone Needs

The search-engine giant's new phone service might not be perfect, but it has potential for entrepreneurs on the go.

What's Your Mobile Computing Strategy?

From smartphones to laptops, weigh all your options when deciding how to take your business on the road.

Why Your Business Needs a True Database

Excel is great for basic number crunching, but don't try to stretch it too far.

Cutting the Cord

Weigh all the options when choosing between traditional and online software solutions.

9 Steps to Better Security

As your business gets more dependent on technology, your computer becomes more targeted by hackers and others constantly on the prowl for vulnerabilities.

The Best Salesperson: Your Website

Transform your website into a sales representative by using these online features.

6 Technology Rules to Thrive

This year, consider implementing these rules that can give your business a boost.

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