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Greenbox's Gurus Are the New Power Rangers

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Power Rangers2

If they were going to save the world, there was something missing from the equation. Gary Grossman was having lunch with longtime friends and colleagues Robert Tatsumi, Peter Santangeli and Jonathan Gay. It was 2006, and the four had recently left their jobs at Macromedia, the company that eventually took over Flash before it was purchased by Adobe Systems in late 2005. Self-proclaimed tech geeks (and world-proclaimed tech geniuses), the creators of Flash could hardly be expected to spend a future sequestered to family life. Each had come from vastly different backgrounds, yet they'd spent most of their lives up to this point devoted to the same goal: making Flash a success. Now they had a new problem to solve: build a system to combat the energy crisis, save people money and educate them on the power of energy awareness, roll it out to utilities and millions of other clients around the country, watch the dough roll in and possibly save the world. All they needed was Grossman's OK, and Greenbox would officially begin.

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