A Crash Course in Fame -- For Entrepreneurs

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How'd you like to be the celebrity alpha-brand of your industry? Apparently, there's an easy formula for achieving that. And authors Jay Jessup of branding firm Platform Strategy and PR pro Maggie Jessup explain it all in  Fame 101: Powerful Personal Branding & Publicity for Amazing Success.

Here's their formula: 

Fame = Personal Branding + Publicity + Brand You Marketing + Personal Financial Development + Brand Longevity Strategies.

Whew! They didn't say it was easy, they said it was simple. In fact, it's a lot of work. To break it down further, you've got to:

  • Develop a hot personal brand -- think Donald Trump instead of "I'm vice president of marketing."
  • Use publicity to expand the number of influential media folks who know about your personal brand, and might quote you or invite you on their TV show.
  • Keep growing your knowledge of your industry and related fields.
  • Keep your personal brand authentic and honest.
  • As trends change, keep evolving your personal brand so it's relevant. Think Madonna.
  • If humanly possible write a book about your field, or get a ghostwriter to do it.
  • Launch a hot website.
And there's more. 

I think we all know people who're working on this kind of fame project...and some of them are darn annoying. I think the trick is to promote the daylights out of yourself and your company in a way that feels inviting and authentic to the public, instead of pushy and overdone.

What are you doing to make your business or yourself more famous? Leave a comment and let us know.