Gen-Y: Buck Up and Start a Business

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Unemployment numbers remain at record highs all over the country. Among the most affected are those in Gen Y -- young college grads who are finding it nearly impossible to find jobs in their discipline. Those who do find jobs, often find that they are ill suited for the corporate environment.

Scott Gerber, a serial entrepreneur and author of the upcoming book, Never Get a Real Job (Wiley, 2010), says the answer is for these young people to start their own businesses and has made it his mission to help them do so successfully.

To accomplish this mission, he's assembled a team of up-and-coming entrepreneurs and called it the Young Entrepreneur Council. This council, says Gerber, is the first step in a larger movement to turn millennials into self-sufficient entrepreneurs, by providing them with practical business advice. Next week we are launching a new "Starting Out" column, featuring the Young Entrepreneur Council. In this weekly column council members will share some of their biggest startup challenges and what they did to overcome them.

Check out next week for the first installation of "Starting Out" with the Young Entrepreneur Council, and to learn how the founder of, Aaron Patzer, built his network and attracted top talent to his then-ledgling startup. And be on the lookout for an exclusive excerpt from Scott Gerber's Never Get a "Real" Job.

What advice do you have for recent college grads looking to start a business?